William H. Wisely American Civil Engineer Award Recognizes Three Extraordinary Members

September 14, 2016

ASCE has honored Marsha D. Anderson Bomar, M.ASCE, Anni H. Autio, P.E., M.ASCE, and Douglas J. Sereno, P.E., D.PE, ENV SP, F.ASCE, with the 2016 William H. Wisely American Civil Engineer Award.



Bomar is recognized for her outstanding example to women as a leader in the civil management firm, established in 1990, which she sold to Stantec Consulting Services Inc., Duluth, GA, in 2010. She is a senior transportation principal for Stantec.

Bomar is well known as a business and community leader, a dedicated public servant, a philanthropist, and a true visionary. In 2008, she was chair of the United Way in the Gwinnett County campaign, charged with meeting an ambitious goal in the face of an unstable and vulnerable economy. She helped the United Way raise over $150,000 in new business and met the campaign’s $4.7 million goal. In 2009, she was on board to chair again. In 2010, United Way awarded her with a Legacy Treasure Award, one of three awards given by The Woman’s Leadership Council of United Way in Gwinnett County. Bomar has a passion for service and offers her time and experience toward mentoring in the engineering profession. She is known for her contributions to the field of transportation and her commitment to the community, often serving as a motivational speaker at nationwide conferences and special events. She is also the founder and former president of Street Smarts, Inc., a planning, engineering, and design firm, and Data Smarts, a data collection and analysis company.

She served as president of ASCE’s Transportation and Development Institute for the 2009-2010 term. Over the span of her career, she has participated in and lead many technical committees of the Transportation Research Board, including the Urban Goods Movement and various Data committees. Currently she is chair of the Women’s Issues in Transportation committee, which this year held its fifth research conference in Paris. She is currently serving her third term as council member and has twice been Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of Duluth, GA.

Bomar has received many awards of honor, distinction, and recognition for her outstanding contributions and achievements. She was the first woman to serve as international president of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the first woman to receive the ITE Burton Marsh Distinguished Service Award. Recently she was awarded the WTS Atlanta chapter Leadership in Diversity award. This year she received the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Public Servant Award. She was named one of Atlanta Woman Magazine’s 2008 Top 25 Professional Women to Watch. She was also the recipient of National Association of Women-Owned Businesses Atlanta’s WE Excel Award 2008, and named Business Owner of the Year. She was awarded the Society for Women Engineers Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2005 for her outstanding service to the transportation engineering profession. She received the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce Athena Award as an Outstanding Businesswoman who has made a significant contribution in business, community service, and her profession. She was also recognized by the University of Massachusetts Amherst ITE chapter as the Jane F. Garvey Transportation Leadership Award recipient for 2009 for her outstanding leadership affecting women in transportation and her remarkable contributions to the field.

In 2010, Bomar received the American Council of Engineering Companies Community Service Award for outstanding contributions to her community and her profession. Also in 2010, she received the Karl Bevins Distinguished Service Award from the Georgia Section of ITE, which is given to recognize highly competent and professional engineers who practice in the field of traffic and/or transportation over a number of years. She was on the Board of Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) in New York City in the early 1980s and was president of the Atlanta chapter from 1986 to 1988. She served on the local WTS Board for many years and is a panelist at the National WTS Leadership conference every year. In 2003 she received both the Atlanta chapter WTS Woman of the Year and WTS Employer of the Year. She is treasurer of the International Board and will continue as a director until 2016.

Bomar is also known for her strong family values, being a dedicated mother and wife. She earned a bachelor of science in mathematics and a master’s in transportation planning and engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. She also holds a master’s of civil engineering with a concentration in transportation from Princeton University. She is the author of hundreds of publications, articles, and studies.

Autio is recognized for her guidance and leadership as a civil engineer in all phases of environmental projects, her dedication to preserve the history and heritage of ASCE and the profession, and her unselfish service to ASCE.

Autio is a licensed professional engineer who brings to Thompson & Lichtner Co., Inc., Canton, MA, a wide range of experiences. She has been involved in all phases of environmental projects, whether in air, water, solid waste, or hazardous waste; has developed over 100 cost-effective and timely solutions for site work/land (re)development projects; and has completed environmental assessments on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings/properties. She has managed task orders funded at over $6.7 million and asbestos and chemical analytical laboratories subcontract awards in excess of $7.5 million. She was a project manager on a $1.5 million program for building audits and hazardous material identification and removal for three subway station modernization projects in Boston, and was a Building Audit Task Manager, Environmental Building Audits for the Central Artery/Tunnel construction in Boston. Autio has also managed a $17 million remedial design and construction contract for a 24-acre unlined industrial landfill and a 4-acre contaminated wetland.

Within her project assignments, Autio was responsible for the preparation and technical review of project documents, including field and analytical sampling and analysis plans (SAPs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs); analytical data quality and consistency; subcontractor training and oversight; and performance evaluation study execution.

Autio’s many professional activities involve ASCE, Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section/ASCE, the board of advisors for the School of Engineering at the University of Vermont-Burlington, and the Civil Engineering Technology Program Industry Professional Advisory Committee at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston. Her educational background includes both a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a master of science in environmental engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA. Her certifications include board certification as an environmental engineer from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, as well as several courses from OSHA.



Sereno is recognized for his leadership at the Port of Long Beach as well as his dedication to the Committee on Sustainability and his strong emphasis as a civil engineer on sustainable development and “green” facilities.

Sereno is the director of program management for the Port of Long Beach, CA. He was appointed to head the newly formed Program Management Division in August 2007 by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners. Sereno, who joined the Port in 2002, had been serving as deputy chief harbor engineer, in charge of overseeing program management. Under his program management leadership, the Port completed the later phases of the former Navy base conversion on Terminal Island, the early phases of the Pier G redevelopment, and the Ocean Boulevard–Terminal Island Freeway Interchange.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the world’s premier seaports, a trailblazer in goods movement and environmental stewardship. Each year, trade valued at more than $140 billion moves through it, supporting more than 316,000 Southern California jobs. And with a Green Port Policy guiding all efforts, the Port is a catalyst for innovative programs to protect the environment.

Before coming to the Port, Sereno worked for more than 15 years with the international engineering firm MWH Americas Inc., where he rose to vice-president, overseeing consultant-program management support for the City of Los Angeles’ Wastewater Program.

Sereno is the head of the Technical Subcommittee for the ASCE L.A. Chapter Sustainability Committee and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council L.A. Chapter.

He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Brigham Young University and is a member of the American Association of Port Authorities’ Harbor Navigation and Environment Committee.

The William H. Wisely American Civil Engineer Award recognizes individuals or groups of individuals who are members of ASCE and who have made continuing efforts to promote appreciation for the history, tradition, developments, and technical and professional activities of the Society.

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