Water Resource Management Pioneer Earns ASCE Award

March 30, 2017


ASCE has honored Daniel P. Sheer, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, with the 2017 Julian Hinds Award for bringing leadership and vision to water management in the United States and internationally, for pioneering the collaborative modeling processes, and for technological innovations in water-resource systems management including development of systems, optimization tools, and the reservoir operations software, OASIS.

Sheer has contributed to the field of water resources management for over 40 years, and his work has impacted the profession in extremely significant and enduring ways. He has worked both in the public sector for the Instate Commission on the Potomac River Basin and as the founder and president of HydroLogics Inc., a company that has had a substantial influence on water supply utilities throughout the world.

He is very well known in the profession and has already won a series of ASCE and other awards, among them the Edmund Friedman Young Engineers Award for Professional Achievement (ASCE) (1978), the American Water Works Association Best Paper Award (1980), a nomination as team member for the Civil Engineering Achievement of the Year (1983), and the WRPM ASCE Outstanding Journal Paper (1992).


Sheer has contributed to the profession in three very significant areas: (1) developing a collaborative solution to the Washington, DC, water supply challenge, (2) contributing to the field of collaborative modeling and decision making, and (3) successfully applying systems modeling approaches and concepts to the solution of major water supply challenges.

He has also been one of the most successful developers of systems optimization modeling tools, most notably OASIS, his reservoir operations software. This software has been used extensively in the U.S. and abroad to develop creative explorations of reservoir operations and to effectively illustrate the trade-offs that are available to different operational schemes that optimize various objectives. OASIS has been successfully applied to some of the most complicated systems in the world, including those in California, Colorado, and New York.

The Julian Hinds Award is given to recognize the author or authors of that paper that is judged to make the most meritorious contribution to the field of water resources development. That award may also be made to an individual for notable performance, long years of distinguished service, or specific actions that advanced engineering in the field of planning, development, and management of water resources.

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