Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute Approved by Board of Direction

July 22, 2015

On July 18, the ASCE Board of Direction approved establishment of a new institute focusing on utility engineering and surveying – the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute. When fully unveiled in the coming month, UESI will be the first national organization designed to embrace professionals engaged in utility and pipeline infrastructure engineering, planning, design, construction, mapping, coordination, operations, and asset management, for all utility pipelines regardless of the products they transport.

“Civil engineering professionals working within the utility engineering and surveying communities need a recognizable home which they can join to collectively work to improve our professions,” UESI’s first president, Randy Hill, P.E., F.ASCE, said. “UESI is now that home, and we thank the Board of Direction for its careful deliberation and vote of confidence.”

Since 1995, ASCE’s semi-autonomous institutes have provided comprehensive services in the Society’s various technical areas. UESI is the ninth institute established by the ASCE Board of Direction. It is also a home for those surveyors, engineers, technicians, CADD, and GIS professionals engaged in engineering surveying/geomatics.

By assimilating utility and pipeline engineering and surveying professionals into a single institute, UESI will be the worldwide leader in standards development, manuals of practice, and educational opportunities for state-of-the-art engineering practices in utility engineering and surveying.

More details about UESI will be revealed during its official rollout at the ASCE Pipelines 2015 Conference, Aug. 23 through 26 in Baltimore, MD. Individual, organizational, and student memberships in UESI will be available through the institute’s pages, to launch soon on ASCE’s website. For more on UESI and to express an interest in becoming part of the inaugural class of members, write to uesi@asce.org.

  • I am curious as to whether this will encompass power transmission as well or just include water, sewer, gas, etc.

    • The logo seems to include pole mounted utilities, underground duct banks, and even stormwater box culverts. I hope this will be an inclusive group, which seems to be its intent. We’ll see at the roll-out in Baltimore.

      • Christopher:
        You are very observant! Yes, it will be inclusive of all you identified! The logo was intended to say it all!

        Look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

        Joe Castronovo, UESI BOD

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