Using Infographics to Boost Website Traffic and User Engagement

July 31, 2013

Infographics present complex ideas simply

In my last post, I mentioned infographics as another form of visual content that helps boost website traffic.  Today I want to talk a little more about the value of infographics and how to create your own.

To start at the beginning, infographics are a way to present complex ideas simply. Since they are visual and easier to understand, they are also the type of web content that gets shared readily through social media resulting in the potential for a much wider audience getting exposed to your message.  You may have noticed that ASCE developed infographics for both the series of economic reports called Failure to Act and the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. The mobile friendly version of the Report Card increased the number of people who got exposed to our infographics, pictures and videos.

Infographics are also great to include in flyers and presentation slides.  They can be informative or entertaining.  They can even be a great way to generate leads for a firm.

Not sure how to create an infographic?  Try Piktochart, Info.gram or and try your hand at creating something simple using civil engineering as a theme.  Include it in the comments below and we’ll feature some of the best in a future blog.  It will help all of us promote the profession in a fun way.

Meanwhile, check out some of these great infographics on the ASCE national Pinterest board for ideas and email if you have questions.

What’s your favorite infographic? Why do you think it was so appealing?

Audrey Caldwell, Senior Manager

Corporate Communications



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