Sustainability Summit Organized to Build Urgency, Propose Solutions

February 3, 2016

At ASCE’s Sustainability Summit held in January 2016, the message was clear – the world needs civil engineers’ help, and it needs it now.

“I call them the holders of the keys,” said Ron Sims, former U.S. Housing and Urban Development deputy secretary, one of many industry leaders and stakeholders who gathered for the summit. “If civil engineers open the door, we will see extraordinary things happen. If they let the door remain shut, I think the impact will be very negative.”

Sims’ call to action captured the tremendous opportunity in front of civil engineers, while also presenting a daunting challenge. The concept of rebuilding infrastructure in a sustainable manner amid unprecedented environmental uncertainty requires a sea change within the industry.

In this video, industry leaders, stakeholders, and practitioners discussed the importance of creating the urgency needed for sustainability. “The challenge is to be able to mix that urgency with inspiration and have people feel that this is not only urgent but doable and justifiable,” said Bob Willard, Ph.D., chairman, Sustainability Advantage.

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