Social media is changing the way we communicate. I moderated a session at the ASCE 2011 conference exploring the ways that civil engineers are using social media sites. I was really surprised by the unique role that social media plays in helping people find jobs, letting government get the word out about public safety and disaster response, and letting companies connect with their clients.

As promised in a previous post, we live tweeted the session using the #asce2011 hashtag. Here’s the Twitter transcript of the session.

Sustainable Social Media Prezi


10:27 get ready to submit your social media questions using #asce2011 hashtag

10:30 @kmaschke introduced the #ASCE2011 session on sustainable social media: the web is changing the way we communicate

10:35 Sustainable Social Media session- connect/communicate/motivate important

10:40 @AnthonyJFasano discussing the importance of your LinkedIn profile at sustainable social media session #ASCE2011

10:41 Social media session- #ASCE2011 Anthony Fasano says LinkedIn profile impt – use a title to help you get found, think keywords

10:42 Social media session- LinkedIn is indexed by Google, recommendations establish credibility #ASCE2011

10:44 Social Media session- think of LinkedIn account as an extension of your business card #ASCE2011

10:45 Milissa Reierson @CityofFranklin discussing the initial reluctance to use social media. Now embracing dialogue with citizens. #ASCE2011

10:47 Social Media Session- recruiters are actively patrolling LinkedIn for good candidates; you can use it to help clients too

10: 50 @CityofFranklin recently held Facebook forum on water complaints. After, complaints decreased and citizens felt better informed. #ASCE2011

10:50 Social Media- Melissa from city of Franklin, TN says used Facebook successfully to handle info to public during recent floods #ASCE2011

10:54 Social Media – city of Franklin did a live chat on Facebook, got media attention and helped decrease complaints #ASCE2011

10:55 Nancy Gruwell @HDR_Inc explains companies benefit from online presence: transparency, dynamic dialogue, creates excitement #ASCE2011

11:00 @HDR_Inc keys to social media success: have media policy, listen, set goals, educate team, plan for support, be open & transparent #ASCE2011

11:00 Social Media- Arny Corp of Engineers found social media effective to engage public during a crisis #ASCE2011

11: 04 Social Media- Army Corp talks about Facebook and Twitter helped educate public about opening floodways to control flooding #ASCE2011

11:05 Scott D Harris @USACE_HQ social media provides rumor control, public education, information from partners, visuals, a public forum #ASCE2011

11:07 Social Media Session – Army Corp also posts videos on YouTube to help educate public #ASCE2011

11:10 View the @prezi presentation prepared by the panelists of the #ASCE2011 session on sustainable social media


Question & Answer Session

11:11 Social Media- Nancy from HDR says creating excitement helps build audience – engage employees to share their projects #ASCE2011

11:14 Social Media- HDR recommends help your clients use social media to educate public and provide transparency #ASCE2011

11:18 Social Media – Facebook gives you great metrics, match them to your goals for social media and include links to your site #ASCE2011

11:29 Social Media – Facebook gives you great metrics, match them to your goals for social media and include links to your site #ASCE2011

11:33 Social Media -Facebook is a self-selected target audience, everyone includes some demographics in their profile #ASCE2011

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