Region 5 Director Closes Board Service With Farewell Poem

October 19, 2017
Melissa Wheeler, outgoing Region 5 director.

It’s an annual tradition that at the final quarterly ASCE Board of Direction meeting of the year, the outgoing Board members address the room with words of goodbye.

Often, they express gratitude; sometimes they offer advice.

Melissa Wheeler did both – in a poem.

The outgoing Region 5 director summed up her sentiments in rhyme, fighting through tears as she read the poem to her fellow Board members at the close of the BOD meeting in New Orleans, Oct. 8.

Her poem (with some of the rhymes working best in Wheeler’s Georgia accent):

My time on the Board of Direction has been a very fast 3 years,

Today you get a poem from me to hopefully avoid any tears.

From Panama to Victoria, San Diego to the New York strip,

My family is always ready for our next ASCE trip.

Thanks to the staff for all you do for me,

Without Nancy and Patty, ASCE would cease to be!

From the release of Dream Big! and lots of strategy planned,

We released a report card and have a challenge so grand.

It has been a tremendous honor to serve on the Board,

Extending my ASCE family has been the greatest reward.

I can’t say enough about my wonderful team of Governors,

They’re full of enthusiasm and hospitality, but of course they’re all southerners! (Even Steve Goldstein)

It’s time for me to say goodbye with a shot,

I’m out of here now, but ASCE will always be in my heart!

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