Preeminent Team of Engineers and Researchers Presented the Rudolph Hering Medal

January 30, 2015

Michael J. Adelman; Monroe L. Weber-Shirk, Ph.D., Aff.M.ASCE; Jeffrey C. Will; Anderson N. Cordero; William J. Maher; and Leonard W. Lion, Ph.D. are the recipients of the Rudolph Hering Medal for their paper “Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters,” published in the July 2013 issue of ASCE’s Journal of Environmental Engineering.

The Rudolph Hering Medal recognizes outstanding papers that contribute to the advancement of the environmental branch of the engineering profession.

In this nominated work, researchers investigated laboratory and computational methods to evaluate a novel control system for a stacked rapid sand filter based on fluidics that eliminates the need for mechanized controls. This fluidic control system was tested in pilot-scale experiments, which demonstrated its ability to set the mode of operation of the filter and served as the basis for the derivation of design equations. In addition, the first full-size SRSF (System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters) was built at a municipal water plant in Honduras using this fluidic control system, which provided a full-scale demonstration of its effectiveness. This simple and robust control system shows promise as part of a sustainable rapid sand filtration process bulk fluid and porous media transport properties of xanthan gum biopolymer-amended fluids for the purpose of facilitating numerical simulation.

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