Our Nation’s Infrastructure Needs You … Now

May 11, 2015
Photo credit: Matthew Matheson, Flickr

Critical to our nation’s transportation infrastructure is the Highway Trust Fund. This fund is America’s federal bank account for transportation, and every year, states share over $45 billion to repair and modernize their roads, bridges and transit systems. As you may know, the Highway Trust Fund is not keeping pace with our nation’s transportation needs and is set to expire on May 31.

Some examples of our infrastructure needs are: Caddo County, Oklahoma, has 125 structurally deficient bridges; Maricopa County, Arizona, has 256 levee miles running through it; 35 percent of New Jersey’s major roads are in poor condition; and California needs $44.5 billion in drinking water infrastructure investment during the next 20 years. These statistics are just a small sampling of the growing infrastructure problem in our nation.

Your help is needed now.

Important statistics and more are presented in the new ASCE “Save America’s Infrastructure” app, launching in conjunction with Infrastructure Week. Based on your location, you can explore the grades of the 2013 ASCE Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and state Report Cards, and the need for increased investment with a few clicks from your mobile device, and then share it with legislators and on social media. Additionally, the app will also prompt you through notifications to take action during key moments, such as when members of Congress are heading to Capitol Hill to vote on the future of the Highway Trust Fund.

As stewards of the nation’s infrastructure, we understand the challenges our country’s roads, bridges, dams, levees and drinking water pipes are facing. Each of us has a duty to inform elected officials and the public about the poor conditions of our infrastructure. Please use this new app to encourage lawmakers and your social networks to act now to save America’s infrastructure.

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