Old and New Photo Contest Submission

August 20, 2012

The Colosseum at Night

My company holds an annual photo contest. Interesting photos meeting a different theme are solicited from the staff each year. There’s no requirement for the photos to be related to Thornton Tomasetti projects. The challenging part is finding artistically interesting images that meet the annual theme. A stock photo just of a beautiful building won’t cut it.

This year’s theme is old and new. It seems easy enough, until you actually have to find a photo illustrating both old and new in the same frame. I scoured my personal collection and settled on this photo of the Colosseum. I had just bought a new camera before my trip to Italy, and I was keen to try out the features. In this photo, I turned the exposure time way up and balanced my camera on a traffic sign in the median. I like the effect of the streaking car lights in the foreground of one of the most spectacular engineering accomplishments of all time. It really makes the Colosseum look timeless, don’t you think?

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  • That really is a beautiful shot of the Colosseum. The streaked car lights combined with the ancient stone of the building really do illustrate the combination of old and new.

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