Notable Quotes From Media Coverage of ASCE’s 2013 Report Card

April 4, 2013

The debut of ASCE’s 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, featuring a marginally improved D+ overall grade and calling for $1.6 trillion in additional investment through 2020 drew widespread interest and coverage from the news media. Here are selected quotes representative of the coverage.

“The nation’s infrastructure is crumbling a little bit less. … The latest Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, released Tuesday, has an unexpected bit of qualified good news: the grade has inched up to a D+.”

 — The New York Times, “Small Infrastructure Gains Are Observed in Engineering Report,” March 19

“We waste hours sitting in traffic; power outages become more frequent; we lose billions of gallons of water through leaky pipes. These things are costing us money and we’re getting nothing for it.”

— 2013 ASCE President Greg DiLoreto, P.E., P.L.S., D.WRE, F.ASCE
as heard on NPR’s “All Things Considered” report,
U.S. Gets Low Marks on Infrastructure From Engineers’ Group,” March 19

“America’s recent wave of infrastructure spending is beginning to pay off…”

— CNNMoney, “America’s infrastructure is finally getting a bit better,” March 19

“The bad news is that the cost of bringing these engineered systems up to par comes at a time when government budgets at all levels are strained, if not in crisis. The good news is that some of the services we receive from engineered systems can be provided instead by natural systems if we restore and protect them.”

— The Huffington Post, William S. Becker column, “Why We Must Put Nature Back to Work, Part 1,” March 20

“There’s bad news and surprisingly good news in the latest report card on U.S. infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers. … ASCE thinks our infrastructure is actually getting better in some areas…”

— The Washington Post, Wonkblog, “America’s infrastructure gets a D+. That’s not as bad as it sounds,” March 19

“The … underpinnings of the nation’s economy are in sorry shape, the American Society of Civil Engineers said Tuesday. But not quite as sorry as four years ago, when ASCE last evaluated the country’s infrastructure.”

— The Philadelphia Inquirer, “U.S. infrastructure rates D+, engineers group says,” March 20

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