NYC Sheldon Avenue Stormwater Project Earns Envision Silver

January 24, 2017
Photo: NYC Environmental Protection

New York City’s Sheldon Avenue stormwater management project, on Staten Island, received the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Envision Silver sustainable infrastructure award. This project is the second Envision project awarded in the city overall.

Currently in construction, the Sheldon Avenue project involves the creation of a natural wetland to more effectively and sustainably manage and filter stormwater captured from the local community. Additionally, sanitary sewers will be installed to allow almost 600 local homeowners to be taken off septic systems, thus improving water quality, increasing home values, and eliminating the headaches for homeowners associated with managing these systems.

“Sustainable design is a guiding principle that the New York City Department of Design and Construction follows in all its work as we seek to implement Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision for a stronger, more equitable, and more resilient city,” said DDC Commissioner Feniosky Peña-Mora.

This project is the largest expansion to date of the Staten Island Bluebelt, an award-winning, ecologically sound, and cost-effective stormwater program created to prevent frequent flooding on the island during rain events.

Key sustainable accomplishments include:

• Using existing drainage corridors and wetlands as a natural conveyance for stormwater, requiring no energy and less water treatment

• Restoring a badly degraded wetland, overrun with nonnative and invasive species, to help make the community more resilient under altered climate conditions

• Replacing existing man-made stormwater pond with wetlands to improve habitat conditions

• Installing silt fences and other sediment control measures during construction to prevent runoff into nearby water features

• Improving sewerage, drainage, and water quality in the Bluebelt area, without adversely affecting the existing population and associated community infrastructure

To find out more about the project, visit the NYC Environmental Protection website.

The ISI Envision rating system measures sustainable infrastructure projects in five categories: quality of life, leadership, natural world, resource allocation, and climate and risk. Learn more about Envision and ISI at

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