New Online Resource Featuring Sustainable Design Strategies for Structures

July 26, 2012

The Sustainability Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE-SEI) has re-launched their website with a new, more dynamic and interactive format. The goal of the new website is to provide current information, promote discussion, and build connections between organizations and individuals interested in sustainable

The new site will present weekly updates from the committee’s technical working groups. Web 2.0 features will make it easier to
interact with the site and allow visitors to share interesting links with their personal networks.

The SEI Sustainability Committee was formed in 2005 with the following mission to:

  • Advance the understanding of sustainability in the structural community
  • Incorporate concepts of sustainability into structural engineering standards and practice.

In 2010 the committee published a 300-page book titled Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineers, available for purchase through ASCE Press. The book provides guidelines and advice to structural engineers, identifying the important role
that structural engineers play in sustainable development.

Structures take up an enormous amount of material resources and energy in their manufacture, transport, construction, and end-of-life disposal. Efficient material use and specification contributes greatly to the sustainability of a project. Superstructure is also typically the first item constructed on site and can therefore inhibit or enhance the subsequently installed systems that greatly affect operational energy performance. Finally, structural engineers are in a position of influence within the design team, connecting the purse strings of the developer to the activities of the builder. Communication and decisions made with the design-build team ultimately determine whether a sustainable project will be pursued.

To learn more about structures and sustainability please visit The SEI Sustainability Committee welcomes all design professionals.

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