New and Improved ASCEville Website Makes K-12 Outreach Even Easier!

May 9, 2012

ASCEville Civil What? webpageIf your Section or Branch has been looking for a new outreach opportunity, consider helping kids learn more about civil engineering.  Worried you don’t know what to do or say?  ASCE has got your back with the new and improved ASCEville. 

ASCE is helping kids open the floodgate to a deeper exploration of civil engineering through the addition of content specifically focused on many of the project areas in which civil engineers work.  Through exploration of easily identifiable structures in their daily lives like dams, bridges, roads and transportation, water systems, sustainability and disaster response, kids will come away with a broader understanding of how civil engineers help find technological solutions to overcome many of the world’s most interesting challenges.

In’s section about Dams, for example, kids learn that dams make modern life possible. They also learn about different types of dam structures, what materials are used to make dams and how engineers overcome forces of nature to build dams, protect people and harness the power of water. They also examine the impact of dams on ecosystems. 

ASCE members often ask how they can use ASCEville in their educational outreach.  Although projecting a Website on a screen is fairly lack luster as a classroom activity, companion stickers, postcards and posters are great classroom leave behinds for kids, parents and teachers, reminding them about the fun they can have exploring the site.  Kids will love the fun games and activities, parents will appreciate the family orientation of the site and teachers will find valuable connections between civil engineering and the lessons they teach about sustainability and the value engineering has had on the development of civilizations over the course of history. ASCeville resources are available by emailing

In addition, exhibits featuring ASCEville are sure to attract attention, especially when visitors are free to spend a few moments or several minutes talking about the site.   ASCEville’s home page features a scavenger hunt challenging kids to find 20 ways civil engineers are working to make our communities better places to live and work.  The site can be featured on a laptop at a computer kiosk or displayed as a laminated dry erase poster offering a low tech/high-touch opportunity to learn ways individuals and communities are choosing to maintain a healthy water supply, save energy and conserve scarce resources. 

If you haven’t been using ASCEville in your outreach program, stop by for another visit. You’ll be excited to see just how much fun it is learning about civil engineering!

What do you think is the most interesting section of the new content?  How could you use it to engage kids?


Leslie Payne

Senior Manager, Pre-College Outreach

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