MRLCs Kick Off ASCE Calendar With Leadership, Learning, Fun

February 15, 2018
One of the best aspects of the MRLCs is the chance for members from across the country to share their local perspectives with each other to develop new ideas.

Every year the ASCE calendar begins with the Multi-Region Leadership Conferences, three two-day events across the country that gather Society leaders at different stages of their careers – students, Younger Members, and Section/Branch officers – to compare notes and develop new skills that will enhance both their careers and Society work.

This year, Las Vegas, Omaha, and Buffalo hosted the trio of MRLC events – providing a unique variety of settings and social events. Each MRLC includes the Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders, the Younger Member Coucil meetings, and the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders.

“It’s been great,” said Jessica Fischer, member of the ASCE Student Chapter at SUNY Canton and attendee of the MRLC in Buffalo. “We’ve been able to meet a lot of great people. Our biggest takeaway is going to be what resources ASCE has to offer for us that we just didn’t know about, things we can take back to our students and make them aware of.”

This year’s gatherings gave attendees a chance to shape ASCE’s future, and they responded eagerly. A six-goal strategic plan for the Society was approved by the Board of Direction last fall, but only as a framework still in need of tactics for each goal. The Board’s Strategic Advisory Council reached out to MRLC attendees for suggestions, and from student to seasoned leader, received a wealth of ideas. The council is sorting through them for inclusion in the final plan that the Board is expected to vote on next month.

The WSBL portion of the conference is organized by ASCE’s Leader Training Committee. The conferences offer attendees the chance to meet their Region directors and governors through breakout sessions and roundtable discussions. Attendees heard from many Society leaders, including ASCE President Kristina Swallow, President-Elect Robin Kemper, and Executive Director Tom Smith. Among this year’s presentations: “Personality as It Relates to Leadership,” “Managing the Disruption of the Civil Engineering Profession,” “Supercharge Your Leadership Skills,” and “What Makes a Leader?”

“I have been planning MRLCs for over 10 years as both a member of the Committee on Younger Members and the Leader Training Committee,” said Greg Kuklinski, P.E., M.ASCE. “I can say that this conference, which includes all three groups, (YMs, Section/Branch leaders and students), is the single most important event that an ASCE member can attend to network with their peers, learn more about ASCE, and have the opportunity to speak with the presidential officers and senior leaders of the Society.”

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Greg Kuklinski, P.E., M.ASCE, contributed to this story.

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