PHOTO: President Kristina Swallow with lecture attendees at the University of Colorado Denver

ASCE President Kristina Swallow, P.E., ENV SP, F.ASCE, presented the Distinguished Lecture in Construction Engineering and Management, Engineering the Future, at the University of Colorado Denver.

Swallow spoke to students and local ASCE professionals on how to best prepare future civil engineers to meet Local News 2018 Sidebarthe challenges of tomorrow. Swallow also urged the audience for a call to action and reinforced the importance of civil engineering in the United States and globally. After her lecture, Swallow addressed questions from the audience and encouraged attendees to have the necessary courageous conversations to promote sustainability and resiliency in the profession.

Later, the ASCE CU Denver Student Chapter president, Philip Taylor, S.M.ASCE, and representatives from the Denver Branch gave Swallow a tour of the campus. Swallow also met with the CU Denver’s Construction Engineering and Management Advisory Board, where she spoke about the importance of educating our workforce to better prepare them to meet the global challenges in engineering today and in future.

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