Interview Questions for the Interviewee

March 10, 2011

It’s the time of year when we start seeing interviewees for summer internships and (hopefully) new hires.  While the associates always have the final say on hiring decisions, many of the staff usually get a chance to sit with our prospective colleagues.  We usually describe current projects and give try to give some impression of how we work.

Hint to any interviewing this year: take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your would-be peers.  This is your opportunity to see what it will actually be like at the company.  Here are some good questions courtesy of a recent interviewee.


1)      Do you like the people you work with/for?

2)      Do you hang out with your co-workers or participate in after hours activities?


These might be the most important questions you can ask.  You’ll probably spend more time with your colleagues than your family.


3)      Were you assigned a mentor?

4)      Did you receive training on the software that you are expected to use?

5)      Do you have a say in which projects you are assigned to work on?

6)      Are you being pushed toward one specialty?  Do you feel like you are developing a specialization?


How will this employer help you succeed in your new career?  New hires are not expected to know much about the business, but the learning curve can be steep.  Try to gauge how much help you can count on.  How well do you learn, trial by fire.


7)      How much overtime are you expected to work each week?  How are you compensated for that effort?

8)      Does your company support efforts for giving back to the profession? i.e. committee involvement, teaching at local college, outreach, etc.


Try to gauge with this job will let you follow your passions.  It’s hard to have much of a home life if you’re working 60 hour weeks.  And if you’re a real go-getter, you’ll want to know that your employer supports your volunteer commitments. 


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