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July 19, 2013

ASCE’s page on the social media platform Pinterest.

Does your Section or Branch have a website that doesn’t seem to be generating much traffic? Maybe your content is getting a little stale because no one seems to be writing much now that it’s summer?  Don’t worry – here’s something worth a try.

What’s another form of interesting relevant content?  Try posting good photos with short descriptions more often. It’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words.  That’s especially true in the age of digital media when sharing is prevalent.  According to a post on MarketingTechBlog, “articles with images get 94 percent  more views.”  And guess what – the statistic quoted came from a great infographic they included in the post because images are more interesting than straight text.

Before explaining how this connects to Pinterest, let’s answer the question, what is it? A virtual pinboard that lets users share and organize interesting items they find on the web that include strong photos or graphics. Users can browse pinboards created by other users. ASCE has a Pinterest account as part of our communications strategy. We use this platform to pull compelling visual imagery from various areas of the ASCE website so that when users click on those images, they are directed back to our website where they can read more content on that subject.

Of course, before you create a Pinterest account, you will need to develop a library of visually engaging images. Ideally you will host these images on your Section or Branch website, so when your Pinterest audience clicks on the image, they will be directed back to your site.

Take advantage of summer – now is the time to get your members out there taking pictures and helping you build that library. Try challenging them with photo contests such as:  great infrastructure you see on vacation, members wearing ASCE gear while on vacation, best civil engineering volunteer activity over the summer, and more.  Almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera or a great pocket camera to capture those images; tell them to start getting “snap happy” for ASCE this summer.  Then come fall, you’ll have a library of images to help seed your website and your new Pinterest account.  And remember, as this infographic on Pinterest Best Practices by Visually notes, “Don’t forget to credit your sources.”

Meanwhile, check out the ASCE national Pinterest boards for ideas and email if you have questions.

Which ASCE Pinterest board is most interesting to you? Which one do you think draws the most visitors?

Audrey Caldwell, Senior Manager
Corporate Communications


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