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July 2, 2015
Tom Smith, Executive Director

ASCE Executive Director Tom Smith

Our thoughts turn this month to the brave colonists who risked their lives and fortunes to stand up to tyranny 239 years ago and declare themselves citizens of “Free and Independent States.” As engineers, we sometimes confront ethical situations that call upon us to risk not our lives, but our “fortunes.” This ethical obligation is one of the distinguishing aspects of our professional commitment, but one that challenges us all, nonetheless.

To help engineers navigate these ethical challenges, ideally while preserving our livelihoods, I want to tell you about a new tool that your Society has created. Recently, we received a United Engineering Foundation grant to create brief videos about the challenges professional engineers face in difficult ethical situations, and I am pleased to announce that they are now available.

Through these videos, I invite you to meet four compelling professionals who were directly involved in milestone events in engineering ethics: an aerospace consultant/chemical engineer involved in the Challenger disaster, a chemical engineer knowledgeable about the Piper Alpha oil and gas platform fire, a civil engineer who worked with engineers involved in the Spiro Agnew corruption improprieties, and an attorney involved in the Kansas City Hyatt Regency walkway collapse investigation. Each faced difficult, trying circumstances and each made brave decisions that really did have life and death implications. Their stories are important, and they will help you think through the tough situations you face or will face in your work.

Each of us takes an oath as a member of the Society to uphold the ASCE Code of Ethics. It is part of what sets us apart: we are serious about our role ensuring public safety, health, and welfare. And we must always be alert to circumstances and decisions that will impact people’s lives – both for good and bad. Investing our time to educate ourselves about ethics is an important part of living up to that oath.

Programs and resources such as the Code of Ethics, the Order of the Engineer, the Ethics Hotline, training manuals and webinars, A Question of Ethics column in Civil Engineering magazine, and videos like the one announced here are all part of your Society’s effort to help you navigate all aspects of ethics and maintain the highest standards. Do take advantage of them and make sure you are ready for the challenges you face.

And [let’s] think about – and thank – those patriots who signed a Declaration of Independence, and the ethical challenges they faced in the hot summer of 1776.

Happy Independence Day!




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  • Four fine videos. However, to be effective as teaching tools or for effective presentations at meetings all need to be shortened and edited to focus on the specific ethical points being made by the speaker.
    Paul A. Kuhn, Past VP Zone III

  • Avatar DR. N. Krishnamurthy

    I teach ethics at the university level, and am thrilled at the series of videos on ethics of classical cases.
    I enjoyed the Challenger video.
    But how can we download and use them in our teaching?
    If it were in youtube, they could be downloaded to Windows Media and show them in class.
    Best wishes.
    Prof Krishna

  • Congratulations! — That’s a thoughtful and compelling set of interviews on ethical issues. JRR

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