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December 19, 2014

ASCE-Dream-Big-Banner--BigBerthaFINALIt’s official!  Production has begun on “Dream Big!,” a celebration of engineering that will leave viewers breathless by taking them above, below, around, and through some of engineers’ most impressive achievements, all in stunning lifelike clarity on eight-story-tall IMAX® and other giant screens. Along the way, audiences will discover how today’s engineers are shaping the world of tomorrow.

“Dream Big!” will have its world premiere in 2016. Although a lot of great plans are in the works, your ideas can help make the experience even more amazing. What should be featured in “Dream Big!”?

Share and submit your inspirations via the form below, especially in these three areas:

  • A civil engineering project that could be featured as a main storyline for the film. A project that is unique, revolutionary and filled with innovations and one that connects with other areas of engineering.
  • A charismatic, pioneering engineer involved in a compelling project that could be featured as a main character in the film.
  • A captivating, unforgettable engineering image or sequence that would be mind-blowing on an IMAX 3D screen.

Watch for more about “Dream Big!” and its production in the coming months.

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  • Avatar Robert B. Harrington, P.E., MASCE

    This is great and I am looking forward to this. Everyone needs to be educated on what contributions Civil Engineers have made to our society.

    I work for a County Government in Southern Maryland. My department publishes short articles of public interest on a monthly basis (PGM News). When it was my turn to write a short article I decided to write an article on what Civil Engineers do and what contributions they have made to our society. The director of the department (who is not an engineer) choose not to publish my article without explanation or comment.

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