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The scientific community uses a strong network of shared data and peer review to enlighten scientists and bolster the quality of their research across the globe.

In engineering, it is similarly imperative that ideas and communication remain at the forefront to advance the profession. Virtual communities can serve as conduits to enable engineers on one side of the globe to connect with engineers hundreds or even thousands of miles away. All they need is a similar interest, passion, and the right tool.

ASCE’s new members-only online community, Collaborate, gives you that tool where you can interact, exchange ideas, answer and ask questions, and stay connected with 150,000 of your civil engineer colleagues.

The online forum launched in January already has members talking and comparing notes. For example, in the Environment, Coasts, Oceans, and Water Infrastructure community, members are discussing what lessons need to be learned with the Oroville Dam. Other discussions are more broad and career-based – with members discussing the pros and cons of postgraduate civil engineering degrees and how to make oneself more marketable.

ASCE’s Collaborate offers three technical communities: Environment, Coasts, Oceans, and Water Infrastructure; Integrated Buildings and Structures; and Horizontal/Subsurface Infrastructure and Transportation, and it offers three professional communities: Local Member Engagement, Public Policy, and Career and Workforce.

You can join as many communities as you would like. Log in using your ASCE username and password to access your profile.

ASCE Collaborate is an exciting new benefit. But for the community to continue to grow, we need you to join, participate in discussions, and take advantage of the endless pool of knowledge your colleagues have to share.





In case you missed them, here are some other exciting developments around the ASCE community:

Share 2017 Infrastructure Report Card grades with your community

Enlist nonengineering stakeholders in fighting for infrastructure investment by making them aware of the new 2017 Infrastructure Report Card findings. Your city’s managers, local government officials, and friends and neighbors may not be civil engineers, but they live with the effects of heavy traffic, water main breaks, electrical disruptions from an overtaxed energy grid, and lengthy airport delays.

Generate a buzz through your professional and social networks by posting links from the Report Card to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other sites. For inspiration, check out an online social media toolkit with predrafted posts you can customize, plus plenty of visuals and videos to share.

I offered more suggestions on spreading the word about the Report Card in last month’s Working for You.

Build your engineering idea and see it take off with a business accelerator

Last year ASCE formed an alliance with Smart City Works to collaborate on ways to bring innovative technologies and civil engineering projects to market. Its founder, Gregory Sauter, P.E., M.ASCE, discusses how a business accelerator can help with launching an innovation in the latest episode of ASCE Interchange, our series of video interviews on current issues in the profession.

Sauter explains what differentiates a smart idea from a market-ready idea, how a business actuator and a business incubator differ, and how to test infrastructure ideas in real-world situations. Watch the interview, hosted by Casey Dinges, ASCE’s senior managing director of public affairs.

For the 30th Concrete Canoe finals, see a collection of papers on concrete mixes

In honor of the 2017 Concrete Canoe competition, ASCE Library has assembled this collection of papers available for purchase that features concrete mixes using recycled aggregate or lightweight materials. You’ll also find links to relevant Concrete Canoe information.

Virtual Career Fair is a great opportunity for Younger Members and job seekers

Our upcoming Virtual Career Fair is a free online event enabling job seekers and employers with openings to connect and interact. The event will take place Wednesday, May 17, starting at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. Find out more about the virtual fair online, including a list of organizations and job seekers, and register online today.

Learn pricing and bidding with two new Guided Online Courses

• Pricing and Bidding: Lump Sum Jobs, June 5 – July 14
• Pricing and Bidding: Unit Price Jobs, July 17 – Aug. 25

ASCE’s Guided Online Courses are the latest in highly interactive, in-depth, online instructor-led programs. You will move through a 6- or 12-week learning experience with a cohort of your peers. A rich variety of content including video lectures, interactive exercises and case studies, and weekly discussion board topics help you master the course material. Complete weekly modules at the time and pace that is most convenient for you, from any device. Learn more and register.

Get a colleague to join ASCE and you both reap rewards

Know someone you work with who would benefit from ASCE? Earn rewards by inviting your peers through ASCE’s member referral program. Discover what you can get for a successful referral, whether you’re a U.S. or international member, and see how easy it is to claim your reward following three easy steps online.

Work for the same firm or move on to grow? Ask Anthony for advice

Engineering career adviser and professional engineer Anthony Fasano explains how jumping from company to company is not always the best option and offers some benefits of building trust by working for one employer over an extended time period. Check out his latest Ask Anthony post and the archive of past posts at the ASCE News Careers & Leadership page.

Dream Big film receiving rave reviews; find out how you can experience it!

As this is written, our inspiring giant-screen movie Dream Big: Engineering Our World is enjoying a 100 percent positive score on the “Tomatometer” at Rotten Tomatoes, the website that collects and averages movie critics’ reviews.

The film that transforms how viewers see engineering is screening around the country and in select theaters in Mexico and Canada. See the theater list for an IMAX venue closest to you. Find out more about how you can leverage Dream Big for outreach at our ASCE webpage. For more volunteer resources, Dream Big trailers, and news on the movie, visit

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