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The public trusts civil engineers to protect their health, safety, and welfare. This special societal role requires integrity, trust, and excellence, which civil engineers demonstrate and maintain through professional licensure and continuing education throughout their careers.

Licensure is a standard that is recognized by employers and their clients as well as by government agencies and the public as a mark of competency, dedication, and ethical practice. It’s how civil engineers fulfill the technical and ethical obligations of the profession.

For today’s engineers, becoming licensed is as important as ever. For example, only licensed engineers can prepare, sign, seal, and submit engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval or seal engineering work for public and private clients.

At ASCE, we believe there are a number of reasons to become a licensed engineer. It enables you to:

• Demonstrate commitment to ethical and technical responsibilities
• Receive public recognition and an enhanced status
• Become a consulting engineer or to start your own firm
• Qualify to work for many federal, state and municipal agencies
• Increase flexibility to adapt to a changing workplace
• Enjoy wider career options and increased salary potential and competitiveness in the job market

Licensure is governed by the individual states whose licensing laws and requirements vary. The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), a nonprofit organization composed of engineering and land surveying licensing boards representing all U.S. states and territories, supports the interests of those boards in their charge to protect the public.

For our Younger Members and professionals who are trying to earn licensure status, ASCE can help you prepare for the P.E. Civil, S.E., and Environmental exams. ASCE offers step-by-step tools to prepare and pass the P.E. exam with the P.E. Review Course, a program that yields a 90 percent exam pass rate for participants.

We can provide you with guidance on obtaining the right experience to progressively increase your technical and professional capabilities.

For those looking to continue their engineering education, ASCE provides Post-P.E. credentialing, including professional certifications, which attests to a professional engineer’s advanced knowledge and skills in a civil engineering specialty area.

One of the greatest challenges in maintaining licensure is in accruing a sufficient amount of Professional Development Hours (PDHs). ASCE offers a wealth of opportunities to help you earn those hours.

With your ASCE membership, you receive five free PDHs annually ($495 value). Additionally, at the ASCE 2016 Convention, Sep. 28-Oct. 1, you can earn up to 22 PDHs, and at ASCE Week, Sep. 26-30, you can earn up to 34 PDHs.

ASCE also develops and maintains up-to-date policy statements regarding many aspects of licensure, in addition to monthly ethics case studies and related training materials that you can view on our new ethics pages. Your voice is always encouraged and welcomed at ASCE. Contact us to help shape the future of engineering licensure.




In case you missed them, here are some other exciting developments around the ASCE community:

Engineer-entrepreneur discusses how to own and manage a firm

Rick De La Guardia, president and founder of DLG Engineering of south Florida, draws from first experience as he discusses how to start and manage an engineering practice. In the latest edition of our video series ASCE Interchange, De La Guardia explains how you don’t have to be born with entrepreneur’s talents but you can acquire them through smart risk-taking and the right leadership and moral traits. Watch the interview, hosted by ASCE Senior Managing Director Casey Dinges.

2016 Convention attendees to get an exclusive screening of Dream Big

ASCE’s inspirational movie Dream Big: Engineering Wonders of the World will hit IMAX screens next February, but a select few will get a sneak peek at a cut of the epic later this month. An exclusive opportunity to enjoy a red-carpet Dream Big evening is coming to the ASCE 2016 Convention in Portland, OR, Thursday, Sept. 28. The opening reception screening is open exclusively to convention registrants and guests. Learn more about the ASCE 2016 Convention and register to attend.

Renew your ASCE membership now for a shot at up to $1,850

The member benefits and discounts already more than cover your ASCE dues, but if you renew now for 2017, you could win Amazon gift cards worth a total of $1,850. Be sure all the benefits detailed in your new 2016-17 Member Resource Guide will continue without interruption. Renew by Tuesday, Sept. 20 for the first drawing of a $500 gift card.

Help the updated ASCE 7-16 standard gain adoption

Standards are vital to ensuring the safety, reliability, productivity and efficiency of civil engineering projects. In the face of organized opposition, The chair of the committee behind the 2016 edition of ASCE 7-16, Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures has issued an appeal to members to contact local building officials to urge their support for adoption. ASCE 7-16 Chair Ron Hamburger explains to ASCE News and in SEI’s Structures magazine why adoption is essential.

Ask Anthony: What does it take to be a good CE ‘manager’?

In a recent edition of his ASCE News career advice column, Anthony Fasano offers guidance on what being a manager entails beyond showing strong leadership qualities. He offers a look at the critical areas to focus on when managing large groups, plus shares some good reads for building yourself into a managerial role. Check it out on the ASCE News Careers & Leadership page. Fasano welcomes questions at

Are you working with new student groups to form an ASCE chapter?

The application process for new ASCE Student Chapters has changed. A Statement of Intent to Establish must now be submitted for all new groups as they start the one-year establishing period. Complete information is available online. If you’re part of a group well into the one-year establishing period, the old application form may be used through March 2017. For questions and further details, write to

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