Finno Honored With Ralph B. Peck Award

December 15, 2017

ASCE has honored Richard J. Finno, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, M.ASCE, with the 2018 Ralph B. Peck Award for his innovative research on the analysis and design of urban excavations using novel modeling approaches and innovative monitoring technologies, his immediate advancement of excavation design practice, and his voluntary commitment to the geotechnical community.

Finno is renowned worldwide for his expertise in a variety of areas within geotechnical engineering, including excavation support systems, urban underground construction, deep foundations, advanced in situ monitoring, and numerical modeling. His research and professional contributions to our geotechnical community distinctly exceed the high standards and expectations for the ASCE Peck award, precisely complementing a stellar community of past award recipients.

Since 1983 he has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development, and produced key contributions that have been directly integrated into industry practice. This has set the standard for design, monitoring, and construction for years ahead. During the past two decades, Finno’s work has completely transformed our state-of-the-practice in excavation systems, something unmatched by any other professional in the field.

Combined with state-of-the-art instrumentation and information technology, his methodologies paved the way for hybrid, performance-based, multicriteria decision-making frameworks years before the professional industry and research community envisioned performance-based design techniques.

Finno’s vanguard contributions in excavation research and his unmatched passion for integrated research-industry collaborations make him one of the premier consultants for excavation, monitoring, and urban underground structures projects throughout the country. He has assisted over 300 national and international projects, including numerous multimillion-dollar design efforts such as the Chicago subway construction (2006), Toronto transit construction (2012), and Chicago Spire Building (2007). His involvement in the practicing geotechnical profession is clearly ahead of any other colleague.

The Ralph B. Peck Award is presented for outstanding contributions to the geotechnical engineering profession through the publication of a thoughtful, carefully researched case history or histories, or the publication of recommended practices or design methodologies based on the evaluation of case histories.

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