Find a Job, Keep a Job, Get a Better Job — How ASCE Can Help You

August 4, 2016
ASCE Executive Director Tom Smith

Finding a job can be one of the most challenging tasks that a professional can face in their career. Don’t look past your Society when addressing this challenge. ASCE connects civil engineers with a wealth of information and relationships that last a lifetime.

One tool that all of our members stand to benefit greatly from is the ASCE Career Connections database that lists over 600 jobs searchable by title, salary, job requirements, and geographic location. Averaging over 25,000 unique visitors a month, Career Connections is also a great way to find your next hire. The online Career Connections resource also provides job seeking tips, essays, and informational guides on topics such as The Next Step Resume or Brand Yourself as a Person of Talent, Not a Job Seeker.

I’ve met countless ASCE members who have used Society connections to find employment. For example, ASCE Past President Blaine Leonard, P.E., D.GE, Pres.10.ASCE, found his job through his connections at ASCE.

“In my career, I have worked for six different organizations,” said Leonard. “My involvement in ASCE played a role in me being hired at three of these, either through people I knew because of networking in Section and Branch roles, or information gained through my membership.”

President-Elect Norma Jean Mattei, Ph.D., P.E., F.SEI’s daughter got her first job through a speaker at an ASCE Student Chapter meeting.

“My daughter had done her own networking,” said Mattei. “At the time she was active with her ASCE Student Chapter. That got her the internship that ultimately became her job once she graduated. It had nothing to do with me or my contacts in the industry.”

ASCE’s career resources enable you to compare your advancement to the typical requirements for each career stage. You can explore the diverse career paths available to civil engineers and take advantage of ASCE’s online mentoring program.

You can also stay current on the state of the civil engineering profession through our many publications, including Civil Engineering magazine, ASCE journals, ASCE Smartbriefs, and ASCE News as well as get access to events, webinars, and podcasts on industry-related topics.

Finally, for our members who are looking for an edge in the job market or are looking to make a career change, ASCE now offers a resume review service. ASCE will partner you with a certified and experienced writer who has worked for clients in your field or area of interest. The two of you will work one-on-one to ensure that your career aspirations are realized in a way that is most convenient to you. Options range from entry-level resume writing and critique to executive-level resumes and cover letters. ASCE offers this service for free to student members who join as full members at graduation.

ASCE exists to serve our members and the profession. And, our doors are always open. Let ASCE help you advance in your practice and in your life.





In case you missed them, here are some other exciting developments around the ASCE community:

New video highlights top recent Society news and activities

Revisit or discover some of ASCE’s hottest activities of the spring and early summer in a new edition of Now@ASCE. Take a trip to the National Concrete Canoe finals, hear from incoming 2017 President-elect Kristina Swallow, learn details from our new Failure to Act economic report, see the fire-breathing OCEA winner, explore winning Innovation Contest projects and more. Watch it now on ASCE’s YouTube channel.

Congress is back home, so remind your representative to support infrastructure

Members of Congress are back in their home districts and won’t return to the Capitol until after Labor Day. This makes now an ideal time to talk with them about the Water Resources Development Act and other legislation that Congress can pass this year to help raise the grades on our nation’s infrastructure. Reach out with advice from ASCE’s Government Relations team. Advocate for infrastructure!

Board sets strategic direction and budget for 2017 fiscal year

With a lot in store for the upcoming year, ASCE’s Board of Direction approved a budget for fiscal year 2017 and updated strategies for two of the Society’s major strategic initiatives – sustainable infrastructure and the Grand Challenge. Learn about the new Report Card and other plans for next year in ASCE News.

Water district manager shares how he overcame obstacles to innovation

George Hawkins, Esq., CEO and general manager of Washington, DC’s water district, says innovation benefits even the most risk-averse operations. In a new edition of ASCE Interchange, Hawkins discusses how he was able to reinvent his organization after it had lost the public’s trust, introducing money saving, sustainable innovations that will last for decades. Check out the video on ASCE’s YouTube channel.

Renowned Incan engineering expert Wright to address ASCE 2016 Convention

The acclaimed explorer of Incan engineering marvels such as Machu Picchu, Tipon, and Moray, Ken Wright recently explored another with his wife Ruth. The Distinguished Member will talk about visiting Incamisana, a complex hydraulic water temple, in his Distinguished Lecture at the ASCE 2016 Convention. He talked about his explorations with ASCE News. See Wright in person when you attend the ASCE 2016 convention coming Sept. 28 through Oct. 1.

Video shows how much our nation’s infrastructure bill is overdue
Our deteriorating infrastructure costs the average American family an average of $3,400 a year. ASCE’s Government Relations team has released a video companion to its new economic study, Failure to Act: Closing the Infrastructure Gap for America’s Economic Future, which goes into detail why our nation’s infrastructure needs investment. Visit for the full report and more.

ASCE 2016 Convention speaker empowers women with 3 keys to success

Another of the exciting reasons to attend the ASCE 2016 Convention is a Distinguished Lecture by Carolyn Emerson, the author of Becoming Leaders: A Practical Handbook for Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology. Noted for her passion for empowering women in civil engineering, Emerson offered her three keys to success for women in engineering with ASCE News.

‘Ask Anthony’: Pursue a master’s degree or an MBA?
In a recent edition of his column, Anthony Fasano offers guidance on how to decide between a master’s degree in civil engineering or a Master of Business Administration degree. There’s no one answer right for everyone; it depends on the discipline you choose, the career path you seek, and the benefits you hope to achieve. Anthony Fasano is author of Engineer Your Own Success, co-host of The Civil Engineering Podcast and co-founder of The Seller-Doer Academy for Civil Engineers. Check it out on the ASCE News Careers & Leadership page. He welcomes questions at

Check out this innovator’s top ten ways to drive creativity

Brent Darnell, Aff.M.ASCE, president and owner of an Atlanta-based advisory company offers us his advice for bringing out the creative forces in all of us. Darnell offers ten ideas to help you tap your creative energy as part of his series for ASCE News on innovation and creativity. Be sure to check out parts one and two as well!

ASCE Week Las Vegas lets you take up to 34 PDHs

If you’re facing licensure renewal and are behind on the PDHs you’ll need, ASCE Week is the place to be. And there hardly could be a more exciting place to host it than Las Vegas from Sept. 26-30. In addition to staging some of our most popular seminars, ASCE Week includes a tour of the Hoover Dam, Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, and Lake Mead. Register today for a beneficial trip for work and play.

Still time to take ASCE’s study courses for fall P.E. /S.E. exams
I encourage young engineers looking ahead to a P.E. Civil, S.E., or Environmental Exam this fall to register for our P.E/S.E. study plan. Live review courses have begun, but with 24-7 access to the recorded webinars, you can catch up. The interactive courses and reference materials builds confidence so you’ll be ready to pass. Get details and get started.

Are you working with new student groups to form an ASCE chapter?
The application process for new ASCE Student Chapters has changed. A Statement of Intent to Establish must now be submitted for all new groups as they start the one-year establishing period. Complete information is available online. If you’re part of a group well into the one-year establishing period, the old application form may be used through March 2017. For questions and further details, write to

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