Engineers Week Unites the Country in Celebration of Engineering

February 8, 2011

Ever wanted to be part of a national movement that’s sweeping across the country and has the potential to have lasting impact? Then get on board with us as we celebrate National Engineers Week, the biggest celebration of engineering and one of the best opportunities to highlight the impact engineering has on the quality of life we all enjoy.

The weeks leading up to Engineers Week this year have been exciting for ASCE. President Obama highlighted the importance of maintaining our nation’s infrastructure to keep pace with global competition during the State of the Union address in January. The same night, Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe dedicated an hour to the importance of America’s infrastructure and the threat of not addressing our infrastructure’s D grade in the episode “Dirty Infrastructure.” All the while, ASCE members across the country are making plans, gearing up and ordering supplies for their annual blitz to share their love of engineering with kids in grades pre-K through 12!

If ever there was a time for civil engineers to take advantage of fertile ground to get out and spread their love of engineering, this is it!

We here at headquarters have been so moved by the army of volunteers who make Engineers Week happen every year. We are glad to serve you and invite you to continue utilizing those Engineers Week tips, ordering fun resources for your events and emailing us for advice.

Why stop with Engineers Week? Engineers never stop turning ideas into reality and ASCE never let’s up on our mission to introduce kids in K-12 to both the profession and the role civil engineering plays in our everyday lives.

We welcome you to share your success stories about Engineers Week 2011 and look forward to learning about your spring and summer plans for educational outreach!

Leslie Payne
Senior Manager, Pre-college Outreach

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