Engineering a Resilient Community

August 28, 2015

What is a resilient community? A resilient community is prepared to prevent or minimize the loss or damage to life, property and the environment when faced with a natural disaster, such as a flood, hurricane or tornado, or a man-made disaster, like an electrical outage, economic collapse or health epidemic. These communities recover quicker and even avoid disruption because their critical infrastructure systems are designed to be robust and adaptable.

Watch these experts discuss what it means to be resilient, why it’s important and how sustainability and resiliency are interconnected. “It’s important that we all pay attention to what’s going on worldwide, because we can learn from each other. It’s one planet, it’s one set of hazards, it’s one set of resources that we have to work with,” said Chris Poland, P.E., S.E., NAE, F.SEI, chair of the Risk and Resilience Measurements Committee.

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  • Great video… it is best clear definition/description of resilience and sustainability activities that I have heard. Can I get permission to show it at TRB/FHWA’s International Conference on Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events, Washington DC, National Academy of Sciences, September 15-18, 2015? Thanks, Tom

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