Dreaming Big in China – Part 5: More Shanghai Sights

May 24, 2016
The Jing’an Temple.

Saturday, May 21

The first destination today was the beautiful Jing’an Temple. The traditional Buddhist Temple, located on the west side of Shanghai, features ornate woodwork and large statues of Buddhist figures, the most remarkable of which is a 3.8-meter tall Buddha sculpture made entirely of jade.

It is common for the Chinese to offer coins at the temple as a sign of good luck and financial success. After a bite to eat, I headed back to the Yu Gardens and Bazaar for a little souvenir shopping. While there were plenty of tacky tourist souvenirs available, I was able to pick up some handmade items from local craftspeople.

Shellhamer ID BoxThe entire bazaar is reminiscent of a flea market and haggling for prices is not only accepted but expected. After another walk through the bazaar, I headed for dinner to close my final day in Shanghai.

Tomorrow I will return to the United States after an incredible trip.

Dream Big is no longer just a movie title to me; it’s a goal to strive for. And something I think everyone should strive to do.

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