Dream Big Now Streaming on Netflix

July 5, 2018
Dream Big came to Netflix July 1. ASCE Foundation Phil has been eagerly anticipating the moment.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World is coming home.

Specifically, to your home.

Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films and ASCE, the giant-screen film debuted on Netflix this week, streaming on TVs and hand-held devices all over the country.

“It is incredible,” said Menzer Pehlivan, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, a geotechnical engineer for Jacobs and one of ASCE’s Dream Big civil engineering stars.

“Remember that I wanted to be an actress in addition to being an engineer younger? Voila! Dream big indeed!

“But mostly I am very happy to see Dream Big on Netflix because through this we will be able to reach and inspire bigger crowds that initially did not have the opportunity see the film in theaters.”

Dream Big opened in museums and giant screens around the world in February 2017 to rave reviews. It continues to show in theaters this summer – from Singapore to St. Paul, MN.

ASCE’s drive to put Dream Big DVD educational toolkits in every U.S. public school continues this summer as well. (Here’s how to contribute to a school of your choice.)

The movie’s appearance on Netflix offers a new platform to get the word out about the wonders of engineering.

“Over the past 30 years, it has been increasingly harder to get kids interested in science and engineering as a career. So firms have a tough time finding enough engineers to hire,” said Dream Big Director Greg MacGillivray.

Dream Big’s mission over its five-year plan is to change that by showing how adventurous, creative, and fun engineering can be – and the film and its massive campaign elements have succeeded! That message is conveyed even further with our play on Netflix.”

For Pehlivan, watching Dream Big on Netflix is a continuation of a journey of nearly two years. She has traveled all over the country, connecting children, families, and school groups to the film, sharing stories about the civil engineering work she does everyday, and inspiring a generation of future engineers.

“The most rewarding part has been the chance to interact with young minds and get to see how, after watching Dream Big, their mindset about engineering changes,” Pehlivan said. “Seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they feel ‘I can be like her too, I can change the future!’ is priceless. I receive emails from some of the young minds now and then, and seeing how we touched their life brings joy to my heart.”

ASCE has led the Dream Big initiative with Bechtel, the ASCE Foundation, NCEES, UEF, and a coalition of engineering organizations.

Learn more about Dream Big.

  • I purchased four of the DVD packets for our local school district’s technology programs in their three elementary schools and their middle school. the 2018-19 School Year has already started. when will the Dream Big DVD packets be mailed?

  • Can you get Dream Big on Amazon Prime? I don’t have a Netflix account. Can I buy a DVD? I have 9 grandsons I am trying to influence. Pretend I am a school. Call it Davy Engineering

    Jim Davy

    • Hi Jim,

      You can buy the DVD on Amazon (with Prime shipping) for less than $20 and get it in two days! It’s not available for streaming on Amazon. If all the grandsons visit at the same time, you can also sign up for the free trial Netflix membership.

      Thanks for sharing this with your grandkids–hope you get some engineers out of the bunch!


  • Avatar Arthur J. Salvati

    I think its great that Dream Big has finally made it to Netflix, but I would still very much like it
    if Dream Big could make it to the big Imax movie screen here in Buffalo, New York.
    How do we make that happen?

    • Either the theater would lease the film, or you would rent out the theater and we would help you get a screening version. Feel free to email directly if you’d like more information.


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