Dream Big Enters 2018 Bigger Than Ever

December 8, 2017
Engineer Angelica Hernandez mentors students from her former Phoenix high school as they prepare to enter a robotics contest. ASCE members can help bring the Dream Big film into schools in 2018.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World remains a staple on giant screens in museums and theaters around the world. The film has been translated into five languages and shown on three continents, with recent or upcoming openings in England, Kuwait, and Russia as well as new U.S. openings in Boston, Philadelphia, St. Paul, MN, and Austin, TX.

The film has been popular with critics and audiences alike, sparking interest in the upcoming release of the film for home and educational viewing. The response from educators has been especially positive:

“I am an elementary school teacher, and I took my students on a field trip to see Dream Big in St. Louis last year. I want all my students to experience the movie and I’m wondering if the film will be available to purchase at some point soon?”

“All students should see this so they can Dream Big.”

“I can’t stop talking about Dream Big! I want every kid to see it. I really do think that this film will inspire a generation of kids (girls in particular) to become engineers. It is that powerful. We want the Chancellor and her staff to see the film, so they understand why we want public school students to see it.”

In response to this overwhelming interest, ASCE has set a new goal: putting Dream Big into every U.S. public school.

Placing the film and its companion educational resources in every school will expand the film’s audience to include students in rural and economically disadvantaged communities, support the growing need for curricula aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, and promote greater interaction between engineers and educators.

The educational toolkits will include the film itself – in multiple languages and licensed for educational screening – a teacher’s guide, and accompanying educational videos.

To accomplish this ambitious goal, ASCE has secured generous support from the United Engineering Foundation. Together with UEF, ASCE and Bechtel have already committed to cover distribution to 30 percent of the 95,000 public schools in the United States.

And this is where ASCE members can play a crucial role.

ASCE Sections and Branches, along with individual members, can help put Dream Big in the remaining 70 percent of schools.

During Engineers Week, ASCE will launch a website that will allow individuals to give $5 to place a toolkit in the school of their choice. While the goal is to reach all U.S. public schools, members will have the option to purchase educational DVDs for private and parochial schools, as well as for international schools. (The cost of international distribution will be slightly higher.)

In addition to the school distribution campaign, 2018 will bring a number of other exciting Dream Big milestones:

April 2018: Dream Big will be released for home viewing on Blu-ray. ASCE members can purchase the Blu-ray at a special member price through ASCE’s store.

July 2018: Dream Big will be released in a streaming version.

Fall 2018*: The Dream Big educational toolkit, licensed for educational screenings, will be released.

Dream Big is presented by Bechtel and produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films in partnership with ASCE.

* Distribution to schools in areas where the exclusive theatrical licenses are still in force will take place in 2019.

  • It would be great if ASCE would also place copies of Dream Big in private schools as well. There are many students in private schools who would benefit from viewing the film.

    • Hi Fred, ASCE members will have the option of placing the DVD in private and parochial schools at the same price–$5–as for public schools. We have set a goal of reaching all U.S. public schools including charter schools and Department of Defense schools. We hope to also reach many private and parochial schools but cannot make a commitment to reach all of those schools at this time.

  • I am so glad that this is being released to help educate our youngest minds to enlighten them on the engineering possibilities in their futures. National Engineers Week is a great opportunity to promote the profession and it would be awesome if ‘Dream Big’ could actually be in schools by that week to call attention to it. Could the DVD and educational toolkits be made available prior to the end of February so that schools can host activities revolving around ‘Dream Big” during Engineers Week?

    • Caleb, the school distribution is not possible until after the theatrical licenses expire. These will be distributed in fall 2018, in time to plan programs and events for Engineers Week 2019.

  • Good day , I am the president of asce student chapter (working to establish ) of a international university in china . can the movie have Chinese subtitles so that we can impact both our Chinese student community as well as the foreigners (English) at the same time . Any advice on how to access it ?

    • Lewis, the film is currently in theatrical distribution in China. A DVD for school distribution won’t be available until after those leases expire.

  • Hello,

    My name is Kent Thomas and I am a civil engineer from the small caribbean island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. I have read your recent article about posting Dream Big: Engineering our World in as many US schools as possible.

    I am wondering if this can be extended to international schools. My country has a deficit of engineers and there are very few specialized engineers and we are not able to replenish the system. We are especially in need of those trained in disaster management and emergency response.I started out in education and I can say that it is likely that in the next few years my country will have a quarter of the number of engineers as we do today.

    It is with this in mind, I am willing to self fund and seek funding locally to put this information in the 30 high schools throughout the country and the 3 community college in this country.

    It is my hope that the price of $5 can be extended to facilitate us.

    Note: I have found a donor who is willing to pay for 30 copies of this if I pay for the 30.

    • Kent, thank you for your dedication to students. We will make the educational toolkit available for placement in non-U.S. schools for the cost of $5 PLUS actual shipping. In your case, we would make one shipment to you and rely on you to deliver to the individual schools. Once the website launches during Engineers Week, look for the link for international orders. Thanks again for your commitment to the profession!

  • During Engineers Week, ASCE will launch a website that will allow individuals to give $5 to place a toolkit in the school of their choice. While the goal is to reach all U.S. public schools, members will have the option to purchase educational DVDs for private and parochial schools, as well as for international schools. (The cost of international distribution will be slightly higher.)

  • Avatar Arthur J. Salvati

    I am an ASCE member (Buffalo Section) in Buffalo, New York and have not seen the “DREAM BIG” movie advertised or playing in any of the theatres in the Western New York area.
    In fact, when I view your website of where the movie is playing in New York, only two locations appear. Is there anyway or something ASCE or I can do to get the movie to come to Buffalo.
    It would be greatly appreciated.

    • Arthur, the initial distribution was to giant-screen theaters located in museums. There are few of those in the state of New York. A digital version suitable for the Buffalo science museum is now available. Please contact me directly if you’d like to learn more about bringing the film to Western New York.

  • I could not figure out how one donates $5 to ensure that it gets into the school of one’s choice. Also, whether any such school is part of the 30% already? Just to high schools but also middle or elementary?

  • “Give $5 to place a toolkit in the school of your choice…”
    A link or instructions on how to make this donation would be helpful!
    (The link to the Dream Big site at the end of the article does not have anything about this)

  • The movie must be made available to the elementary schools. If we are to capture the imagination of the future we need to get to them while they are young and still are dreaming about how they can change the world.

  • Hello, I have been talking up “Dream Big” in the classrooms that I visited this year, for their annual “Teach-In”, and I would like to sponsor getting a Blu-Ray to Conway Middle School in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t see any links that would allow me to pledge, for that.

    Is the release going to be delayed in Orlando, because of the screenings at the Orlando Science Center? (I have been promoting that too, but it only reaches less than 10% of the target audience.) Hoping sooner, rather than later–thanks!

  • I fully support the distribution to public schools but is there a mechanism to get copies for private/parochial schools?
    Let me know – thanks,

  • Is there a list of the schools slatted to receive the Dream Big DVD? I’d like to know which, if any, schools local to me are on the list or not.

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