Do and Understand – The Secret to Engineers Week

April 23, 2012

What a great time of year for educational outreach! As the photos and numbers come rolling in, it’s clear from the level of ASCE engagement that Engineers Week was front and center for many of us for many months. And the best news is that our extended celebration of engineering has helped kids, families, teachers and communities become more aware of the role of civil engineering and its place among careers as an exciting and worthwhile profession. A vocation that makes a difference!

Engineers Week, as a public awareness campaign, is especially enjoyable, because the work of building public awareness is uniquely accomplished through authentic interaction between engineers and children, young people, educators, and other adults who guide and influence students of every age.

Though effective in their own right, billboards, ads, flyers, social media, and even well-delivered speeches are no match for the ability of engineers, through hands-on activities, to make civil engineering tangible for kids with curious minds. The reason for this is simple: Confucius said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Students who have the opportunity to “do” engineering have the opportunity to make stronger connections between what they learn and how it applies to the world in which they live!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in and helped make Engineers Week so successful again this year. Be sure to look at the celebration in review on our website. And keep posting stories and photos of your successful outreach events.

Don’t have time to make a separate post? Tell us a great outreach story below.

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  • Last weekend we showed about 500 kids that they looked like a Civil Engineer at Discover Engineering Family Day. See photos of the kids wearing hard hats and holding sets of plans against their chosen Civil Engineering backdrop on our website – The event was a huge success and we encourage other organizations hosting engineering events to consider doing a photo booth. This turned out to be such a tangible and effective way of showing kids and young people that they look like an engineer. Plus all the kids got to take a copy of their picture home with them to remind them of the fun they had during eweek!

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