Day 1 ASCE 2010 Conference

October 20, 2010

From the beginning, I could tell that this would be a different type of conference.  The setting here in Las Vegas is a bit surreal.  However, everyone is friendly enough… not that I really need tickets to a show every single time I walk into a new casino.  There is certainly plenty of excitement on the strip.

The conference activities, however, are mostly inside Bally’s casino.  Bally’s is centrally located on the strip, but you kinda get the feeling that it’s glory days have passed.  Situated between Bellagio and Paris, it seems a bit dated.  No problem, though, I appreciate the affordable room rates.

Unfortunately, I had work to do from the beginning.  At 9:30 am, I presented to the Board of Directors.  They received my presentation about Pre-College Outreach very well.  After lunch I met with a few other “outreach champions” to organize a conference session about outreach.

In the evening, I met a few other ASCE friends for dinner and drinks.  Finally, on the way in for the night, I caught the midnight water show at the Bellagio – a great way to end my first day in Vegas!

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