Cold Weather, Warm Hands, Smart Phone

January 1, 2013

Return those leather gloves and order a pair of Agloves. Agloves enable ten-finger functionality on your smart phone or tablet. A snug fit provides excellent dexterity, grips allow a secure hold, and the patented fiber blend insulates.

Most gloves marketed for use with touch screens simply fold back to reveal your fingers. Agloves, on the other hand, can activate a touch screen while protecting your skin. Ordinary textiles are made with non-conductive materials that fail to activate touch screens. Silver threads are woven into Agloves to provide the necessary conductivity (get it, Ag, like the elemental symbol for silver). Since the conductive fibers are woven throughout the glove, the bioelectricity of your full hand helps increase precision and enable ten-finger functionality. More details on the Aglove technology are presented online.

Full disclosure: I was provided two free pairs of Agloves to test and review. I’ve been wearing them every day since. On my commute, while walking the dog, and on the job site, I can text from my iPhone, open plastic bags, and type on my iPad without exposing my hands to the cold Chicago winter.

The dexterity of Agloves is pretty impressive compared to any other pair I’ve owned, however, it still takes some patience and practice to perform the most delicate touch commands. It’s important to get a pair that fits very snugly, since any lump of fabric at your fingertips will disrupt the sensitivity. Also, the grips on the palms are great for holding devices, but the smooth fingertips can make it challenging to pull credit cards and IDs from a wallet. So far the gloves are holding up pretty well, but some stray fibers are beginning to fray. Pet owners should also keep in mind that the material is a magnet for pet hairs. Agloves Sport gloves, which are thicker than the traditional design, seem to provide enough insulation for my fingers in active situations when temperatures are down to the mid-twenties.

Dexterity in warm gloves has long been a concern for engineers working outside. The growing use of touch screen devices during inspections and on job sites adds another consideration to your glove purchase.

Agloves have served me well. Have you discovered a similar product? Please use the comment feature below to leave your own review.

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