Coastal Dynamics Expert Honored

February 17, 2017

ASCE has honored Jan A. Roelvink, Ph.D., with the 2017 International Coastal Engineering Award for his contributions in leadership and development of the theory and modeling of coastal morphodynamics, and for his role as an international educator in the field of coastal dynamics.

Roelvink has 30 years of experience in coastal engineering and research. He has participated as a team member and project manager in major consultancy projects related to coastal morphology. He managed the development of the Delft3D model system for 2D and 3D simulation of waves, currents, water quality, ecology, and morphodynamics, and led development of the morphological part of this system. He has been actively involved in the EU-sponsored MaST-G6M and MaST-G8M, SASME, COAST3D, DELOS, MICORE, and Risc-KIT research projects on coastal morphodynamics.

His Ph.D. thesis (from Delft University of Technology) was on the effect of surf beat on coastal profiles. He has published over 100 articles in international journals and conference proceedings (Scopus h-Index 21). He was a part-time associate professor at TU Delft from 1990 to 2005 and presently holds an honorary professorship there. Since 2005, he has headed Coastal Systems & Engineering and Port Development at UNESCO-IHE, and the group has grown quickly in staff, students, research, and societal impact.

Roelvink is a strong proponent of international scientific cooperation to further the state of the art in morphodynamic modeling and has set up collaborative projects with the USGS, US ONR, and USACE, as well as with numerous institutes in France, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brazil, and West Africa. He initiated and currently leads the development of XBeach, an open-source model of storm impacts on beaches, dunes, barriers, and reef coasts. In 2011 he published a bestseller, A Guide to Modeling Coastal Morphology.

The International Coastal Engineering Award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of coastal engineering in the form of engineering design, teaching, professional leadership, research, planning, or a combination thereof.

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