Sustainable Engineering

December 22, 2014

In another significant advance for the Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system, Skanska, one of the largest construction and development companies in the country, has joined forces with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) to provide employee training and…Read More >>

December 5, 2014

ASCE’s 1st International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure was held in Long Beach, California, November 6-8, 2014. The conference had many notable highlights and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I was there. This commentary was sparked…Read More >>

November 13, 2014

Shortly after her election in 2007, Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney proposed a bold solution to address the county’s CSO issues: Rather than building more sewage treatment plants to meet the terms of a consent…Read More >>

October 28, 2014

Sustainability is the most important and most poorly understood problem of the 21st century, according to engineer William A. Wallace, ENV SP, M.ASCE, a noted author and consultant. Consequently, many civil engineers are unknowingly planning, designing and…Read More >>

September 22, 2014

The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) of North Central Texas has earned an Envision Silver award for its Line J, Section 1 Pipeline project, a 2-mile, 108-inch diameter pipeline that delivers water to meet the growing future…Read More >>

June 24, 2014

The large stock of high rise buildings built during the 60s and 70s are nearing their planned retirement. Many would argue that these buildings have many good years ahead and that the notion of a…Read More >>

June 20, 2014

The victor of the 2014 ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition will be decided this weekend in a no-holds-barred competition at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, culminating what has been a year-long quest for glory…Read More >>

June 18, 2014

To date, over 2,000 people have earned the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential through the online training and exam. Now, the Institute has developed a new in-person “ISI Trainer” program to…Read More >>

March 13, 2014

Heathfield Pump Station in Bellevue will be upgraded as part of a wastewater project that will be tested under the Envision rating system. King County invests hundreds of millions each year on major infrastructure for…Read More >>

February 7, 2014

The South Los Angeles Wetland Park in Los Angeles, California, has earned the Envision™ Platinum award – the highest level attainable in the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system. The project is the first…Read More >>