Promote the Profession

May 21, 2015

Here’s a reminder for all engineers: non-engineers are fascinated by what you are doing. So, make sure you are making connections when you talk about your work. In this quick Ted Talk, Penn State communications…Read More >>

May 1, 2015

April marks the birth of American civil engineer John Frank Stevens, a pioneer responsible for the construction of several key Western U.S. railroads and the building of the Panama Canal. Born near West Gardiner, Maine,…Read More >>

March 19, 2015

A team of regional finalists from the 2015 Future City Competition has been invited as honored guests at the 2015 White House Science Fair on Monday, March 23.  Representing New Mexico, the newest of the…Read More >>

February 19, 2015

February marks the 275th anniversary of the earliest known record of when the Espada Acequia (ah-SAY-key-uh) began operations in what is now San Antonio, Texas. Built to supply irrigation to the lands near Mission San…Read More >>

January 29, 2015

January marks the anniversary of the birth of American civil engineer Gouverneur K. Warren.  A prominent surveyor and mapper of our nation’s western territories and a heroic Union Army general during the Civil War, Warren…Read More >>

January 8, 2015

December marked the anniversary of the opening of the Arroyo Seco Parkway between Los Angeles and Pasadena, California. Opened to traffic December 10, 1938, and completed December 30, 1940, the Arroyo Seco Parkway, also known…Read More >>

December 19, 2014

Last month marked the anniversary of the birth of Chinese-American structural engineer T. Y. Lin, an influential visionary who was a pioneer in the use of prestressed concrete. Lin’s revolutionary work in simplifying the process…Read More >>

December 19, 2014

It’s official!  Production has begun on “Dream Big!,” a celebration of engineering that will leave viewers breathless by taking them above, below, around, and through some of engineers’ most impressive achievements, all in stunning lifelike…Read More >>

December 18, 2014

When outgoing Executive Director Pat Natale challenged ASCE Student and Younger Members to create  music videos celebrating civil engineering, they took him seriously.  A $5,000 prize for the winning entry in each category and an…Read More >>

December 4, 2014

The town of Berthoud, Colorado, about 45 miles north of Denver, is one of several notable landmarks named for Edward L. Berthoud, a railroad engineer who in 1877 located the Colorado Central Railroad in the…Read More >>