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December 15, 2016

December is the anniversary month for both the birth and death of Gustave Eiffel, best known for the tower in Paris that bears his name and the armature for the Statue of Liberty. Alexandre Gustave…Read More >>

October 25, 2016

October marks the anniversary of the George Washington Bridge, which was officially opened to the public Oct. 25, 1931. At its opening, the bridge surpassed the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit for the title of longest…Read More >>

July 25, 2016

July marks the setting of the cornerstone for the home of the Tennessee General Assembly. The Tennessee State Capitol Building in Nashville was laid out July 4, 1845, to great fanfare and ritual, one month…Read More >>

June 23, 2016

June is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the landmark legislation that established the United States Interstate Highway system. Now known as the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, the…Read More >>

May 17, 2016

May is the anniversary of the birth of noted civil engineer and inventor James Buchanan Eads, best known for his triple-arch steel bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis, MO. Born in Lawrenceburg, IN,…Read More >>

April 21, 2016

April marks the anniversary of the setting of astronomer and surveyor Andrew Ellicott’s Stone in Mobile County, AL. Commissioned by George Washington to denote the border between the United States and the Spanish territory, the…Read More >>

March 14, 2016

March is the anniversary of the birth of Theodore Judah, renowned engineer, visionary, and lobbyist for America’s first transcontinental railroad. Born March 4, 1826 in Bridgeport, CT, Judah and his family moved to Troy, NY,…Read More >>

February 19, 2016

February marks the anniversary of the birth of civil engineer and professor Hardy Cross, known for his method for analyzing and solving indeterminate structures, which reshaped formal structural analysis in the mid-20th century. He is…Read More >>

February 3, 2016

January marked the anniversary of the birth of Ralph Modjeski, Polish-born American civil engineer, best known for his distinguished work that spanned two eras of bridge engineering and construction. Modjeski’s superlatives include many early reinforced…Read More >>

January 6, 2016

Last month marked the birth of Gen. James Oglethorpe (Dec. 22, 1696 – June 30, 1785), a British general, member of Parliament, philanthropist, and founder of the original colony of Georgia. Among Oglethorpe’s accomplishments was…Read More >>