Careers & Leadership

September 1, 2016

I recently received a question from a young civil engineer who was considering management as the next step in his career progression, but said he wasn’t sure what being a manager entails besides showing strong…Read More >>

August 23, 2016

A 2015 report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor finds that 27 million working-age Americans, nearly 14 percent, are starting or running new businesses. While more and more businesses begin every day, the prospect of leaving…Read More >>

August 17, 2016

OK, so I am writing an article to tell you to be honest as a civil engineer. Well, if that point is not obvious, then I don’t know what it is. However, it’s not always…Read More >>

July 29, 2016

A few months ago, I wrote about this topic in more general terms regarding credentials to focus on as a civil engineer. However, the specific question of whether to get a master’s degree in civil…Read More >>

July 22, 2016

Carolyn J. Emerson has made it her life’s work to empower women with the skills to take ownership over their careers – and lives. As one of the Distinguished Lecturers at the ASCE 2016 Convention,…Read More >>

July 20, 2016

The Einstellung Effect – where the German word means “approach” or “way of doing something” – refers to trying to resolve an issue, problem, or opportunity only by using approaches that have worked in similar…Read More >>

July 13, 2016

In assisting civil engineers with their professional development efforts over the years, I have had many civil engineers ask me if it is worth their while to invest their money in attending industry conferences, especially if…Read More >>

June 30, 2016

Many different disciplines make up the world of civil engineering – transportation, geotechnical, site civil, and water resources only begin to scratch the surface. So, for your long-term career growth, is it better to focus…Read More >>

June 23, 2016

I haven’t been writing blogs lately because I’ve been busy saving the world from alien invasion. Now that humanity’s future has been secured, but forever altered, I’d like to explore the leadership qualities of my…Read More >>

June 23, 2016

This is the last of three posts on innovation and creativity by Brent Darnell, Aff.M.ASCE, president and owner of Atlanta-based Brent Darnell International. For more information, email or visit In the first post in this…Read More >>