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April 27, 2017

Your time is limited, today more than ever. Like most everyone, civil engineers are overextended, and between their careers and personal lives they have way too many responsibilities. That said, sacrificing networking due to a…Read More >>

April 5, 2017

I am not currently in a position where I’m involved in the hiring process for a civil engineering company, but have been in the past, and wanted to answer the following question that I recently…Read More >>

March 23, 2017

For many entrepreneurial engineers, failure is part of the business. Forbes estimates that 90 percent of startups fail, many of them before the business even has the chance to fully launch. While failure before success…Read More >>

March 22, 2017

I recently received an interesting question from a young civil engineer who said that his perception at this point in his career was that to advance quickly and increase his salary, he must move to…Read More >>

March 8, 2017

What concentration should I pursue for my civil engineering degree, and how much does it affect my ability to change paths later in my career? I get these related questions often from civil engineering students…Read More >>

February 17, 2017

If you are a civil engineer with any amount of experience, you probably chuckled when you read the title of this post. The question that came in actually read as follows: I need help to…Read More >>

January 30, 2017

My studies and experience convince me that the trajectory of our professional and personal lives will be heavily influenced by our brain literacy; that is, what we know about our brain, how we apply what…Read More >>

January 25, 2017

Civil engineers working in construction often ask this question. There is not a catch-all answer here, but the short answer is you must be persistent in finding ways to do design work in your job….Read More >>

January 5, 2017

I am really glad that a civil engineer recently asked me this question because I think the answer can have a profound effect on the career of a civil engineer. How important is it to…Read More >>

December 15, 2016

I recently got an interesting question from a civil engineer who owns a small civil engineering company. I will call him Joe to keep him anonymous and let you know that his business consists of…Read More >>