Catching up: hiking in the Grand Canyon

July 18, 2011

My apologies to frequent readers for the long delay between posts. This has been an extremely busy summer for me – made more so by my adventures in fatherhood. ASCE also recently updated the blog servers and software.

Last week my wife and daughter took a trip to Florida, and I enjoyed a working “staycation.” I played soccer, went mountain biking, met many friends at the bar, and worked on some new blog content. Finally, I had the time to edit some more of the video that I took on my trip to the ASCE Conference last year.

The following video was inspired by my January 24th post: Go Big or Go Home.  Enjoy the cheesy voice-over and my attempt to look like one of those survival experts.  The views of the Grand Canyon cannot be beat. It’s enough to convince anyone that they’re exploring something special.

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