Beyond Survival

February 25, 2011

I was a huge fan of the first season of Survivor.  The show billed itself as a test of outdoor survival skills.  Not only would contestants have to best each other in tribal gamesmanship, they would also have to survive  a dangerous environment without assistance.

Well… maybe it wasn’t ever that dangerous.  The contestants were never adequately prepared.  We were led to believe that a truck driver and beauty pageant winner could survive in the wild.  And now the show is clearly just about secrete alliances and backstabbing.

It could have been so much better.  Other shows like Man vs. Wild and Survivorman joined the cable lineup to show how to really make it in the wild.  Unfortunately, these shows lack the group dynamic.  And since the key to survival in these shows is to rejoin civilization as soon as possible, they lack that element of settlement building – the purpose of civil engineers.

I always wondered how Survivor would have turned out if they had selected practical engineers and builders.  Would they have engineered a system to bring running water to the campsite?  How long before a tribe built their own Swiss Family Robinson style tree house.  That’s the show I’d want to watch!

So why the soliloquy on Survivor in 2011?  I recently received a casting request from the Discovery Channel.  They are seeking engineers and builders with the skills to build shelter, start a fire, purify water, create energy make weapons, etc.  Could this be the show we’ve been waiting for.  If you feel that you fit the casting call email and include your Name, age, occupation, location, phone, email, a recent photos, and a description of how you’d be a real asset in a survivalist scenario.

Good luck!

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  • Ken,

    I stumbled across a show on Discovery Channel called “The Colony”. The premise is to strand a group in a secluded urban location and have them fend for themselves. Although not the jungle, there was no running water, shelters were dilapidated, and there were threats from other groups. One group member distilled alcohol for use as engine fuel. Another built a propeller and a windmill. I found this much more interesting to watch than the more manufactured “Survivor” series. It’s true, if they sent a bunch of engineers to a deserted island, no one would have time for backstabbing and plotting; they would all be engaged in making their campsite better!

    Anyway, thanks for the read. This new series sounds interesting. I hope I see it soon!

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