Back to School = Peak Workload

August 27, 2010

Last week, all of our summer interns left to return to school. It’s a week that I always dread.  Over the past week, I have been working extra hours each day trying to complete by myself all the tasks that our interns had been helping with. When the interns leave, I always wonder how were were able to handle all the work without them. This year, I actually went to my boss to ask if we could bring on a Fall intern.

Invariably, the transition happens and the workload usually levels out heading into the Fall. The peaks and valleys of the consulting business always catch me off guard. As of yet, our long term work load doesn’t warrant any off-season interns. (so please don’t ask 🙂

Take heart.  Civil Engineering is a more stable industry than most. Figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show CE unemployment lower than for the general population (where it has hovered around 9.5%):

  • 2009 overall CE unemployment rate: 4.4%
  • 2009 private sector CE rate: 5.0%
  • 2nd quarter 2010 overall CE rate: 4.0% Note: BLS says the quarterly statistics are somewhat suspect because of a smaller sample size.
  • 2nd quarter 2010 private sector CE rate: 5.7%

I would like to hear about your summer internship experiences.  Please leave a comment below.  Thanks.

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