Introducing the ASCE Plot Points Podcast

November 9, 2018

Somewhere along the way, the world mistakenly got the idea that civil engineers were shy, awkward number-crunchers, incapable of making eye contact during a conversation.

The ASCE Plot Points podcast is here to straighten out that misconception.

The new show – launching later this month on your favorite podcast platform – explodes the myth of the socially nervous civil engineer, introducing you instead to a group of dynamic, brilliant, often hilarious civil engineers who are reshaping the way our world looks and works.

It’s the ASCE Plot Points podcast – telling the story of civil engineering one civil engineer at a time.

Listen to the trailer episode below, and subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.

  • Looking. Forward to listening.

  • When can I get the ASCE podcasts? Will you announce it in advance or only after it is started?


  • Great idea.
    Will this be available in other apps, particularly Castbox?
    I would also like a podcast with Civil Engineering current topics or even technical/educational episodes.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you! Yes, the show is available to subscribe to in Castbox now. I love your ideas about current topics and educational episodes. Definitely something to consider as we go along. Next week’s episode does take a look at Houston post-Harvey, so maybe that scratches that itch a little bit? Thank you!

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