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August 20, 2011

ASCE is a very big tent.  It includes members from diverse industries including: Architectural Engineering; Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers; Construction; Environmental & Water Resources; Geotechnical Engineering; and Transportation and Development. Each of these technical areas has been given a home within the ASCE umbrella in the form of a technical institute. There are currently eight such bodies that tackle the technical needs of their profession. Every ASCE member receives free membership in one of the institutes.

My chosen institute, SEI (or Structural Engineering Institute), publishes the industry standard for minimum design loads, called ASCE 7 for short. I participate on SEI’s sustainability committee. We’re trying to research and inform how sustainability can be implemented by structural engineers.

Of course, you are not just restricted to participating in activities sponsored by your institute. Recently, I was asked to help the Construction Institute plan a leadership event in my hometown, Chicago.

—Note the 2011 CI National Young Executive Forum has been canceled.—

The program for this event would have featured a Meet the Leaders CEO panel and exclusive break-out sessions with highly-respected engineers in the industry, including Rosemarie Andolino, Commissioner for Chicago Aviation, Tom Collins, President and CEO of Collins Engineers, and Jeff Karp, President and CEO, Power Construction Company (tentative). A project site tour of the Congress Parkway Bridge was also planned.

The event was a great value at $60, but did not receive enough registrants. Please look out for this great networking event sponsored by the Construction Institute next year.

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  • My question is what kind of form or paperwork is used to control for construction machines that needs maintenance? For example, in a construction project we had machines that got broke. We called the maintenance people, they came and billed us hotel, food and maintenance costs. Of course there is no problem with that but we were thinking that we need some kind of paperwork to control the situation. Any suggestions?

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