ASCE Offers Condolences, Urges Donations to Nepal Quake Victims

April 30, 2015
Durbar Square, Paton, Nepal
ASCE staff member, Xi Van Fleet, traveled to Nepal in late 2013. Many of the temples she witnessed collapsed in the April 25 quake.

As you probably know, on Saturday, April 25, a devastating earthquake rocked Nepal, flattening densely populated areas surrounding Kathmandu. The Nepalese people are dealing with tremendous loss of life and destruction of homes, historic sites and essential infrastructure. Tom Smith and I sent a letter to the Nepal Society of Civil Engineers and the 60 ASCE members living in Nepal expressing our deepest sympathies to the victims, their families and all who were affected.

We’ve heard from a few members in Nepal who voiced their need for help. If you want to contribute, we encourage you to give through the American Red Cross, with whom we have a memorandum of understanding.

If your passion is to leverage engineers’ knowledge to mitigate future disasters, you can give to ASCE’s Disaster Response Fund. The Disaster Response Fund provides support for ASCE post-disaster (natural and man-made) assessment teams, as well as disaster mitigation, response and recovery programs. Your gift will enable ASCE to deploy Disaster Response Teams when called upon to do post-disaster assessment.

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