ASCE Convention Short Course to Help Unravel Ethical Knots

June 9, 2016

Do what’s right or do what’s easy?

“No matter what you’re doing in engineering, you’ll come across that question,” said Greg Scott, P.E., M.ASCE.

Ethical considerations confront all engineers, at times even becoming newsworthy, as seen in the Flint, MI, water crisis. The ASCE 2016 Convention features a short course aimed at preparing civil engineers to make proper decisions in such situations.

“Those questions pop up – you never know when. And you need to know what to do in those situations,” said Scott, who chairs the Convention’s technical program subcommittee.

“Ethics is something that we feel is universal. We think it’s one of the hallmarks of ASCE.”

Practical Ethical Challenges for Engineers in Today’s World is one of five short courses on the Convention program, Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, in Portland, OR.

ASCE’s Committee on Ethical Practice is readying the short course, led by committee member Michael Avery, P.E., M.ASCE. Using recent case studies, the course will discuss actual ethical challenges faced by civil engineers. It will also cover ASCE’s Code of Ethics and use a video scenario, Ethicana, for anticorruption training.

“We wanted to make it practical. We wanted to make it useful and relevant for engineers in their everyday work,” Avery said.

“Civil engineers face ethical situations every day. As civil engineers, we have a responsibility to be prepared to face those situations. Being prepared can be the difference between business success and business failure.”

Learn more about the ASCE 2016 Convention program of events, and register to attend.

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  • Why not make the “ASCE code of Ethics” free for some of the older members who cannot attend? Frank Tracadas Fellow, Life member.

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