Are You Registered To Vote?

September 28, 2012

With only 39 days left until the November election, time is running out to register to vote. We’ve compiled a list of several resources that civil engineers in particular can use to not only register, but become more informed about the election process in general.

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ASCE is a participant in Engineering the Vote, a website that is geared towards voter registration, absentee voting, and information on election deadlines. Another great resource is ASCE’s Election Guide. There you can get information on all Federal and State elections and candidates along with the option to enter your street address and zip code if you’re unsure which races you are eligible to vote in.

One potential change to keep in mind this year is the re-districting process that has occurred in states. Every ten years after the U.S. Census is completed, Federal and state legislative districts are reapportioned based on population, resulting in districts that may be merged with others or moved entirely. Please be sure to use the Election Guide to double-check which district you’re in, as it may very well have changed.

Casting your vote affects not only top of the ticket contests like the presidential or congressional elections, but “down-ticket” races that can determine representation in your state and local government as well. Registering is the first of several important steps towards influencing choices made by your elected officials, especially when it comes to issues important to civil engineering.

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