An Open Letter to EWO

November 10, 2011

Dear Engineers Without Offices Interim President:

We met in Memphis while I was attending the ASCE 2011 Conference and you were participating in the Occupy Memphis Protest. Right before you walked up and introduced yourself, I was describing my dream of visiting Kazakhstan to hunt with killer eagles from horseback. On cue, you appeared and introduced your organization which helps engineers transition from regular jobs and into more eclectic pursuits.

You didn’t have a calling card, a website, or any real substantiating evidence. I didn’t even get your name, but I shared my business card anyway. If you ever find yourself on a computer with an internet connection please drop me a line.

I really want to learn more about Engineer Without Offices. How is your former president doing in the South Pole? It’s too bad he had to resign his post, because he got that engineering job. And what about the chapter that meets in Naperville? Have they scaled the kick-ass climbing wall over there and moved on to other challenges?

Who is John Galt? Is it you? I’m ready for a society in which engineers take on creative interests outside their day job. Honestly, I don’t think the reality of the profession is so far from the creative ideal. Come on engineers; back me up. Please comment below with the crazy hobbies and eclectic interests that you pursue.

You had to be there… never know who you’ll meet at an ASCE conference.

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