AECOM Design Geotechnical Engineer Named Fellow

April 13, 2017


Abu Bakar Siddique, P.E., F.ASCE, a design geotechnical engineer with AECOM who has worked in many aspects on high-profile projects in the northeastern United States, has been named a Fellow by the ASCE Board of Direction.

Siddique has been a professional in the civil engineering industry for 24 years. At various times, he has been responsible for coordinating and inspecting subsurface investigations, assigning laboratory testing, and determining soil and rock design parameters; designing and recommending shallow and deep foundations for various structures; designing ground improvement programs; and designing retaining structures such as bridge abutments, MSE walls, soil nail walls, soldier beam and lagging walls, and anchored walls. He also performs field-load testing on micropiles, augercast piles, drilled shafts, H-piles, tapertube piles, and pipe piles; analyzes seepage, slope stability, and stability of abutments and retaining structures; estimates settlement and bearing capacity; and monitors settlement plates, vibrating wire piezometers, extensometers, borros anchors, and inclinometers. In addition, he has been responsible for preparing soils, geology, and foundation engineering reports; preparing construction specifications; and reviewing construction drawings and contractor’s submittals.

He has led in designing pavement for highways and local roads, as well. A few of these projects were the Northeast Grid Reliability Project, Jersey City, Passaic County, and Bergen County, NJ; PPG- Garfield Avenue Sites, Jersey City; New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening Program; Meadowland Golf Redevelopment Project (EnCap Golf Holdings LLC); Belt Parkway over the Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY; U.S. Route 1/U.S. Route 130/NJ Route 171 Interchange, North Brunswick Township, NJ; NJ Route 18, Sections 2F, 7E, and 11H, New Brunswick, NJ; NJ Route 18 Extension, Section 2A, Piscataway Township, NJ; and S.R. 0095, Section AIR, Airport Roadway Access Improvements, in Philadelphia.

Siddique has several projects going for AECOM, including the AMTRAK Hudson Tunnel project. At present, NJ TRANSIT trains must wait at the Secaucus station for AMTRAK trains to go through the existing two-track tunnel first, causing a delay for commuters. Upon completion of the project, there will be two more train tracks between the Secaucus Station in New Jersey and Penn Station in New York, and a new tunnel under the Hudson River for AMTRAK. This project will improve the mass transit system and reduce traffic congestion, and trains will move more frequently between the two states.

Siddique received his B.Sc. in civil engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1989, after which he became a faculty member for three years. He received his M.S. in civil engineering from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

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