Animal Planet?

September 28, 2010

I always loved playing Sim City, but my cities always seemed doomed to failure.  Within about an hour (or 12 years game time), my struggling town would be plagued by crime and gridlocked with traffic.  Maybe I just didn’t apply the right type of city layout.  I can’t wait to try out the designs that city planners in Southern Sudan have proposed for rebuilding their cities.

That’s right, they’ve proposed a rhinoceros-shaped urban plan.  They also have ideas for a giraffe city. Read more about the project and view more photos on CNN.

To be fair, these are not the first city plans literally inspired by nature.  Dubai has two palm-shaped mini-island cities and another offshore development formed in the shape of the continents.

Are these ideas crazy or brilliant?  Is the publicity worth the odd-ball layout?  As evidenced by my Sim City performance, I have no place to criticize.  Please, urban planners, is this a good idea?  Leave your comments below.

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