When Civil Engineers Rock and Rap

December 18, 2014
Younger Members category winner: “This is How We Build”

When outgoing Executive Director Pat Natale challenged ASCE Student and Younger Members to create  music videos celebrating civil engineering, they took him seriously.  A $5,000 prize for the winning entry in each category and an enticement of $100 for qualifying entries from ASCE Student Chapters and Younger Member Groups provided just the  incentive needed. In the contest that ended December 12, creativity was clearly evident in the 32 video submissions featuring original songs and parodies of well known musical hits.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Section Younger Member Forum for their winning video “This is How We Build” and to the University of Nevada, Reno Student Chapter for their winning video “Shake It Off!”

ASCE’s high school Civil Engineering Club members served as the judges for this contest and really enjoyed the activity.  As the future of the profession, they were enthusiastic about seeing the many talents of civil engineers. The student judges  even gave their own faux prize names to those that were not selected as winning entries including: Best Dance Moves, Blooper Friendly, All in One Take, Catchiest Beat and Gold Star Worthy.

Entries spanned the globe coming from as far away as Pakistan, India and China.  Videos featured parodies of Hip Hop, Disney hits, and even Michael Jackson. The songs were limited to two minutes in length and touch on various themes related to civil engineering including structural, geotech, sustainability, and transportation. Seven younger member groups and  25 student chapters vied for top honors in their respective categories.  Congratulations to all the submitters who showcased their creative and musical talents!

National Capital Section Younger Member Group Los Angeles Section Younger Member Forum
Maryland Section Younger Member Group Fresno Branch California Younger Member Forum
Southern Idaho Section Younger Member Forum Seattle Section Younger Member Forum
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Student Chapter California State University, Fullerton Student Chapter
Humboldt State University Student Chapter New Mexico State University Student Chapter
Northeastern University Student Chapter Old Dominion University Student Chapter
Oregon Institute of Technology Student Chapter Savannah State University Student Chapter
South Dakota State University Student Chapter Tennessee State University Student Chapter
University of California, Davis Student Chapter University of Colorado Boulder Student Chapter
University of Connecticut Student Chapter University of Florida Student Chapter
University of Louisville Student Chapter University of Tennessee Student Chapter
University of the Pacific Student Chapter University of Wyoming Student Chapter
Vanderbilt University Student Chapter Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Student Chapter
University of Central Florida — Structural Engineering Institute Graduate Student Chapter Region 10:  Tongji University Student Chapter
Other Region 10 Student Submissions:  
Delhi Technological University, India National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan

How many civil engineering specialties are mentioned in the Younger Member video? How many times can you spot the Wolf in the University of Nevada Reno Student Chapter video?

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