We Need to Raise the Bar Just to Keep Up With the Rest of the World

June 14, 2013

Society’s expanding needs demand that we as engineers Raise the Bar of educational standards. Click the image to watch a video of engineering leaders explaining the need.

As I write this, I’m in South Korea, meeting with civil engineering counterparts here, and enjoying the exchange of ideas and experiences. While here, I’ve observed something that’s becoming a constant in engineering activities I’m a part of in other countries, something that with each time, convinces me even more that we in America need to Raise the Bar of our educational standards.

At these international events, I find that I am the only person on a panel who does not have a Ph.D. While I do hold a master’s, it’s in public administration. As I look at my peers from other countries with advanced engineering degrees, I can’t help but think that we in the U.S. are losing our competitive edge. Some of those engineers got those advanced degrees at U.S. universities, tapping our knowledge and expertise, and then taking those skills back home.

We in America need to grasp what our colleagues in other developed countries have come to understand – that to meet the engineering challenges of today and tomorrow, an advanced degree is a must. The good news is the knowledge is here – that’s why our international peers are coming here for education. We in the U.S. just need to raise our game – Raise the Bar.

What do you think? Do we risk falling behind our global peers if we fail to Raise the Bar? I welcome your candid thoughts below.



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